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Candybooru image #9072, tagged with Daisy Lani October_Stream Taeshi_(Artist) parody


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I really wonder what the requist was....

Selef 5 years ago.

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So Daisy would be a water type trainer. Would Lucy be a fire type trainer then?

bluefox 5 years ago.

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If that were true Mike would be Grass. Mike is Lucy's B*tch

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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Are the pokemon supposed to be cast members? They kinda look like they should be, but I can't figure out who would be who.

Still, think that's Sue's mom, so... cloning and genetic augmentation. Science yay? (Was it Sue's mom that was the scientist? I forget...)

daft_inquisitor 5 years ago.

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^That's Lani, the schoolteacher.

NasalDiabetes 5 years ago.