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Candybooru image #9078, tagged with Lucy October_Stream Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) blood


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Splee36 4 years ago.

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In which Lucy tries to win Mike's affection through...alternate means.

Phaeton 4 years ago.

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I wanted to cry at how well this turned out. So happy with how this turned out.

I always liked to imagine a very desperate Lucy going to the extreme for Mike's affections... like scalping Sandy and trying becoming more like her in the hopes he'll love her like he loves Sandy.

Request description:
"Lucy, "facing the camera" view, lurching forward, covered in blood on her hands, forearms, chest, and stomach. There are streams of blood running down her face from entire top of Sandy's scalp that she stitched to her own head (hair, blue bow, and ears). You can kinda see the bumps on Sandy's scalp where Lucy's ears are covered. Lucy is not wearing her pink bow, but she is wearing Sandy's necklace. She has a sad, desperate, and crazy look on her face. She asks "Do you love me now, Mi-Maishul?" or something like that where she catches herself almost saying "Mike". Imagine it's like she's approaching Mike, but I don't really want him in the picture, you know?"

ChewySmokey 4 years ago.

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This is basically BCB's Cupcakes. Except I guess it's more than just pure cruelty to everyone in general.

modulusshift 4 years ago.

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This is wonderful.

bluefox 4 years ago.

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I don't get what it is about these macabre pictures.

I should hate them, but they're.... attractive(?) in a way. Uuuuugh why dost thee tempest at mine darkest corners of the inner miiiind.

Rystrika 4 years ago.

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The only words that come to mind is 'Oh my gosh'

Taizen 4 years ago.

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Or, thinking about it, maybe it's dead-psycho Lucy.

Rystrika 4 years ago.

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TrappedLikeCats 4 years ago.

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I've honestly always thought about this

Box 4 years ago.

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I'm ready for Hell, now.

Daffyhat 4 years ago.

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que?....bueno... ok....

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D: mejor buelvo a estudiar D:

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I knew I saw this pick somewhere! First thing I thought of when Lucy returned.

cookiecoon 3 years ago.

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Omg so scary ;_; ._.

Bcb14 3 years ago.

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Senpai will be hers. He doesn't have a choice.

kamimatsu 1 year ago.