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decided to do a super casual version of that music meme where you put your music on shuffle and draw what comes to mind!

1. Walk On By - Noosa
I guess I was thinking about Jessica being in love with Lucy, hating herself for getting so attached to someone like her, also a lil bit of mourning the fact that Lucy had left Roseville.

2. No Light, No Light - Florence and the Machines
This was, like, my favorite to draw. The constant up and down of Paulo and Lucy’s relationship, the fact that Paulo will always be desperately and unconditionally in love with Lucy, or at least for a long ass time. He doesn’t necessarily idolize her, but the throne/halo were meant to show that, while he recognizes of all her faults, she’s perfect to him. I felt like there was a lot of Lucy’s habit of disconnecting as well as the consequences for his sleeping with Jess and Rach in this song too. yee.

3. Met Before - Chairlift
this was easy, Daisy recognizing Sandy on the street or some shit. The song is about different realities where you might know someone in one reality and not know them in another, and their relationship going from Best Friends to Who the Fuk R U seemed like p contrasting “realities”, esp when Sandy prob doesn’t remember Daisy, at least not in the way Daisy remembers her.

4. What it’s all About - Girl Talk
i’ve never drawn dancing before, esp not twerking, im so sorry ; A ; this is a really upbeat song w/ p much no meaning, so i decided it seemed like something Rach would jam to.

5. Mowgli’s Road -Marina and the Diamonds
heheh, Paulo and David gettin baked af and longboarding down a hill, song has a lot of weird lyrics and varying pitches, so it seemed like their goofy, sporadic friendship.

6. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells
Sandy out partying with her model friends, busy busy with her life and forgetting to call infatuated boyf Mike. Mike idolizing her, interlacing his entire existence with hers, and Sandy just kinda like… doing her own thing?? bc while she loves him, idk how long that love will last as they grow as people, idfk

7. Sweet Girl - Nicole Dollanganger
this one was interesting too, the song is basically about cute lesbian sex, but there’s a line that’s “don’t know who told you/you had a cherry in between your legs”, and I really got caught on that line lmao. So the pic is Daisy’s view of sex being a little more, ehhh not casual?? but like, an experience! Bc while she cares about Abbey, she’s not IN LOVE with him, but she still feels close enough to him to do the do, while he kinda needs love to follow thru with that kinda act.

Oso-De-Clare 6 years ago.

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Wow nice sketches. I like the 4 one most with Rachel. Shes got a lot of junk in the trunk it looks like.

bluefox 6 years ago.

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I LOVE YOUR DESIGN OF DAVID omg it's so good

Box 6 years ago.

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ty blue! yes, fo sho, if only i could draw butts :,0 lmao
THANK U BOX, he would totally have nice neat dreads (that his momma does for him) and wear kitschy gAM3R shirts (that his momma buys for him)

Oso-De-Clare 6 years ago.

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That's actually not a bad idea to do (the music thing). I think I might give it a shot one day. Btw love all the detail you put in explaining the pics, I would've never guessed!

dirtdog1996 6 years ago.

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it's really fun to do, i highly suggest it! good for warmups and stuff. Thank u!! lmao, I was worried i put too much, I often type a l o t oops

Oso-De-Clare 6 years ago.