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Candybooru image #9771, tagged with Daisy JEMCIV_(Artist) Jasmine Lucy Rachel Sandy Stacy parody sketch


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what are they

SuitCase 4 years ago.

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My money's on Lucy's team in a fight. Lucy's always fighting and Jasmine does sports, though Amaya and Sandy are a bit of an unknown so they could surprise

Derrick751 4 years ago.

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Sandy: "We need help. Amaya, use the radio to signal Daisy for an airstrike."
Amaya: "..."
Sandy: "Amaya, call in the airstrike! Dammit, why won't you say anything?"
Amaya: "..."
Sandy: "Who's idea was it to give you the radio in the first place?"

Derrick751 4 years ago.

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wait. That's Stacy, not Amaya. Damn, my bad. Still thought the dialogue was funny.

Derrick751 4 years ago.

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Is this based on a movie or something? Their clothes are so detailed!

Pilot/driver Daisy looks adorable.

Well, Lucy's team has guns, so they'd probably win in a fight, right?

jeroenhd 4 years ago.

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oh crap, i always knew the bulldozer in payday 2 was daisy!!! D:< Furious Abbey

Zidanerfox1337 4 years ago.

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Paulo gals vs Mike fans :v

KariKarr 3 years ago.

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What's it based on?

HenryOnline 3 years ago.