Intermission: Yashy’s Birthday, original chapter posted 9/1/06

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*Yashy beams.*
[An arrow, pointed to Yashy: Happy!!]

*Yashy approaches Blur and Chirpy with a boastful look.*
Yashy: There’s just something in the air today, isn’t there? I wonder what it might be..

*Blur and Chirpy look at each other and start to cry.*
Blur and Chirpy: It.. it’s September..
Yashy: Huh?
Blur and Chirpy: September means school..

Blur: So no Mike!
Chirpy: And no Girl-Kitty!!
*Blur and Chirpy hold each other and sob.*
Yashy: T-there’s more to September..

*Yashy points upwards, a smile on her face.*
Yashy: I’m only referring to TODAY, y’know! Isn’t there a date you ALWAYS look forward to this month in particular?

Blur: NEVER!!
*Yashy is shocked.*

Yashy: N.. not even..
*Blur and Chirpy continue to cry.*
Blur: We’ll be left at home alone EVERY DAY!
*Yashy looks worried.*
Yashy: B-but..

*Yashy attempts to keep it together.*
Yashy: Uhh.. Mom! Flea! Surely you two remember what’s so important about toda--

*Mike and Lucy are kneeling, each flipping through books, looking distraught.*
Mike: Must.. finish.. summer reading..
Lucy: School almost here..

[The background becomes dark and gloomy.]
*Yashy is speechless, mouth agape.*

Yashy: Such is the misfortune of my existence.. Ignored, forgotten, cast aside.. Is this truly how they will mark the fifth anniversary of my birth?

*Yashy starts to shake and cry. Evil-looking faces appear behind her.*
Yashy: I am loved.. no longer. All due to this cursed month of September..

[Suddenly, a bright background with sparkles.]
*Lucy and Mike hold up a cake with a candle shaped like the number five. They, along with Lily, Chirpy and Blur, smile at Yashy.*
*Yashy flops onto the ground.*

Author commentary

Veronica: A continuation of the birthday comics.. September 1 was supposed to be the date of Yashy’s hatching! So I drew this up in advance and released it.. just in time.

Goodness, September 1 is a date that stuck in my mind for the longest time.. considering she hatched at the beginning of school.. so it was an easy date to remember! Although obviously school doesn’t really commonly start ON September 1. But it used to be the signal for school’s return, to me, long ago.


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Reader comments

Comment ID #150070

Bah, i think it would be way more horrible to be born at leap day

sumthing random March 2, 2011, 1:01 PM EST.

Comment ID #208731

Another birthday?!YEY 8-D!I love birthdays in bcb!

ema February 11, 2012, 7:00 AM EST.

Comment ID #213227

I love her face in panel ten. So very … … … sad and small
( especially small)

FairyTalegurl April 1, 2012, 8:26 PM EDT.

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