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*Mike sits on his couch changing TV channels. He looks bored.*
Mike (thinking): One last weekend before school on Monday.. I really should be making the most of it.

*Blur triumphantly holds an Uno card up.*
Blur: And with this card..

*Blur places the card on a pile. Yashy and Lily are playing as well.*
Blur: I change the color to red and say “UNO!”
*Yashy is upset. Lily is unimpressed.*
Yashy: Screw you, Blur!!

*Lily smiles innocently and holds out a card.*
Lily: You didn’t account for my final card, Blurry-dear. Wild, draw four!
*Blur frowns.*
Blur: Ack!

Lily: Haha! Better luck next time!
*Lily begins walking away from an angry Blur and Yashy.*
Yashy: YOU SUCK!!
*Lily waves.*
Lily: Seeya!

*Lily leans over the couch to talk to Mike. She has a sly smile.*
Lily: They’re so funny.
*Mike smiles.*
Mike: Ahh, hi, Lily.
Lily: Anything good on?

*Mike looks back to the TV, bored.*
Mike: Just the news.
*Lily smiles, mocking him.*
Lily: The depths you’ve sunk to!

*Mike looks offended.*
Mike: For your information, they’re broadcasting a parade!
*Lily maintains a sarcastic smile.*
Lily: How exciting.

*On the TV, a reporter is standing in front of a crowd.*
Reporter: We’re here LIVE at the annual Pan-European Hospitality Workers’ Parade on this lovely day in Maraschino!

*The reporter turns to a group of young girls.*
Reporter: Tell us! Enjoying the day so far?
Interviewee: Oh! We’re here for something else! An important audition!
Reporter: Ah! I hope you can channel some of this energy!

Interviewee: Thanks! It’s great that our friend who flew all the way out from Rickter can see this kinda thing!
Reporter: Wow! Will your friend be here for tomorrow’s pizza festival?
Interviewee: Oh, I wish!
*Mike stares blankly.*
Lily: She’s pretty.

Interviewee: She’s going back tonight so I guess this is all she’ll have time to see, but we’ll make the most of it!
*Mike leans forward, focusing on the TV.*
Mike: Rickter.. could it..

*Mike’s eyes widens in shock.*
Mike: !

*A girl with black hair is on the TV, smiling.*
Reporter: Enjoy your time in Maraschino! You girls nail that audition, okay?

*Mike stares.*
Mike: T-that was.. That was her, wasn’t it?
Lily: Hmm?

Mike: She looked like Sandy!
Lily: .. Are you sure, Michael?
Mike: I know it!
*The broadcast changes over to a news desk.*
Newscaster: Back to you, Ken!

*Mike begins standing up as a worried Lily grips his scarf.*
Mike: Maraschino’s at least an hour away..
Lily: What do you mean?

*Mike stands determined.*
Mike: This is my chance. I have to find her.

Author commentary

Veronica: Ooh, here’s a long one! I feel like this chapter started a trend where chapters got longer and longer and more and more serious. Though honestly, this one’s a fun ride!

The city (that is totally NOT New York I swear) was named after a colour! Or was it come sorta coffee.. something like that. Either way, it needed to not be named after an actual location.

Rickter is the original place Sandy went to.. this is pre-BCB canon LORE. And I guess because Rickter is a made-up name, not-New York had to be given a made-up name as well! See, Sandy changes everything.. including writing choices.

Oliver: Living in IRL Maraschino has given us some perspective as to good-natured but annoying obscure parades that clog things up! Sometimes you just wanna cross fifth avenue but some jerks need are celebrating something important to them… oh, it’s terrible!

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Reader comments

Comment ID #124610

he really shows his emotions in this one, i admire his determination.

Echo November 13, 2010, 1:23 AM EST.

Comment ID #163955

You cant play a wild as the last card!
Illegeal move!

Nobody May 28, 2011, 6:01 PM EDT.

Comment ID #170487

Aaah Lily you remind me so much of myself, don’t yo just love wild cards :P

Fenire July 2, 2011, 11:58 PM EDT.

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