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[Caption: End flashback]
*Lily holds a hand to her face.*
Lily: Maybe I was being a little harsh on you, earlier..

*Lily smiles at Blur.*
Lily: You’ve made some memories. And you’ve certainly made a home here.
Blur: Aww!

*Yashy huffs.*
Yashy: And you’re still the same boring hedgehog! Weren’t you meant to go back to hobo life anyway?
*Lily smiles in return.*
Lily: You wound me!

*Lily places a hand against her head, looking shy.*
Lily: I was thinking of moving on, but then I realized it’s just way too fun around here!

Lily: And these two idiots.. I adore them.
*Lucy leans against the arm of her couch while Mike crouches in front of her, clearly arguing about something.*

*Lily smirks.*
Lily: They’re a walking teenage melodrama.

Lily: They’re so easy to mess with!
Blur: You’re weird..
*Blur and Lily chuckle to themselves.*

Lily: Do you still wish your memories would come back to you?
Blur: It’d be nice to know.. but I’m kinda happy with what I have now.

*Blur grins with a sideways glance.*
Blur: And it’s not like trees have air conditioning!
Lily: Hah!

*Mike gestures at Lucy.*
Mike: Grow up!
*Lucy turns away from Mike, arms folded, her eyes closed.*
Lucy: After you, jerkface!

Lily: There’s always marriage counseling!
*Mike and Lucy blush.*

*Lucy launches a book at Lily, who deftly dodges it.*
Mike: MY BOOK!!

*Mike raises his fist at Lucy.*
*Lucy looks at Mike with a nefarious grin.*
Lucy: Sorry for interrupting your homework, Daisy!

Lucy: Oh, is this hitting a nerve, nerd boy?
*Yashy and Blur look on, unimpressed.*

Blur: We should go back to my origin story again.
*Yashy blankly glances at Blur.*
Yashy: Why not.

[A panel depicting an egg with the text “It is an egg”.]

[A panel depicting Blur hatching out of the egg, with the text “It is a Blur hatch”.]
Blur: ’Sup

[A panel with the frantically scribbled text “END NOW THIS IS GOING NOWHERE”.]

Author commentary

Veronica: There’s not much more to say about Blur, is there!!!! Moving on!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #184999

Lily. Chillaxed vagabond hedgehog, or sadistic puppet master?! XD just look at her face in panel 6. I could totally see her being an evil mastermind in the future.

toast October 10, 2011, 10:12 PM EDT.

Comment ID #187235

Lily makes such awesome faces.

Luigifan October 27, 2011, 10:28 AM EDT.

Comment ID #205868

blur hactching… TOTALLY AMAZING XD

max ;P January 16, 2012, 6:49 PM EST.

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