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*Katie and Stacy stand in front of the group. Everyone pumps their fists into the sky.*
Katie: Who’s with us?!
Everyone: YEAH!!

*The crowd files out of the room while Sue frantically waves her arms in the background.*
Sue: Hey, get back here!! This is a bad idea!! Listen to me!!

*Sue squeezes her eyes shut and wails.*
Sue: Please! I’m the leader! STOP!!

*Stacy, Katie, Girl 1 and Girl 2 march by, looking determined.*

*They march on past the perspective of the panel. Lily wanders by, carrying a bag with a pleasant smile on her face.*

*Lily continues walking with her bag.*

*Katie leans into the panel, glaring at Lily.*
Katie: Hey, where’d our focus go?!
Lily: ..!
Katie: Why is it following you now?!

*Lily smiles slyly.*
Lily: Because you’re the side characters nobody cares about.

*Lily looks smug, holding her bag tightly as the crowd rages in the background.*
Everyone: SEE! This is exactly why we’re mad!!! Onward MARCH!

*Sue, with grief in her eyes, watches the crowd leave.*
Sue: They’re gone..
McCain: Nice leadership skills.

*Sue crosses her arms over her chest and looks off to the side in a huff.*
Sue: This was a bad idea.. All because of my jealousy..
*McCain looks at her, sweating slightly.*
McCain: Maybe it was.. but.. uhh..

*McCain frowns and lifts his hands in a questioning gesture.*
McCain: What did you really expect? This whole school is filled with idiots.
*Sue looks back at him, exasperated.*
Sue: Oh, tell me about it.

*Sue stares off into the distance.*
Sue: Sometimes I feel like the only sensible person in the room.. And even when it’s obviously right, my advice gets ignored..

*Sue closes her eyes, holding her hands to her cheeks.*
Sue: Have you ever felt that way, Alec?
*McCain looks at Sue.*
McCain: Every minute of my.. Wait..

*McCain turns to look at Sue, who looks surprised.*
McCain: Did you.. just call me by my first name?
Sue: .. Yes? Is that a problem?

*McCain stares blankly at Sue, a slight blush on his face. Sparkles surround him.*

*Sue looks back, a blush on her face. The same sparkles surround her.*

*McCain, blushing furiously, rapidly waves his hand in the air.*
McCain: Ugh, what’s with all these sparkles?! They’re giving me a headache..
*Sue, still blushing, laughs a little.*
Sue: Haha.. I should go..

Author commentary

Veronica: It’s funny how people genuinely forget McCain is McCain’s last name, I think Sue remains the only person who refers to him by his first name. Very romantic.. like one of my Japanese animes..

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