63. On the Sidelines, original chapter posted 12/10/13

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On the Sidelines — Page 1



*Augustus sits outside, reading a book.*

*Augustus glances over at the various students on the school oval.*

*Sue and Lucy sit beside each other, stretching their legs.*
Sue: So, rehearsal this afternoon, right?
*Lucy shuts her eyes, frustrated.*
Lucy: Bite me.

*Sue looks to her side with a warm expression.*
Sue: C’mon, Lucy, lemme see you in action.

*Lucy scowls.*
Lucy: I got the lines, okay?

Sue: (sigh) Suit yourself.
*Sue walks away, smiling. Lucy continues stretching, glaring at Sue in annoyance.*

*Lucy notices something.*

*Tess and Mike run together, happily chatting.*

*Lucy looks on with sadness.*

Author commentary

Veronica: This was a chapter that was originally a Volume Three exclusive, but is now part of the OFFICIAL archive! I’m happy about it because it’s a really good little chapter.

Man, I keep coming up with amazing chapters that ended up initially being exclusives! Kind of like how there’s been a few BCIs-turned-chapters ;__; My brain cannot be controlled.

Anyway, c’mon Lucy. How is Sue supposed to know how far you’ve come?

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