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    Cavara_(Artist), David, meme, Mike, MikexPaulo, parody, Paulo, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist), Tim_Buckley_(Artist)

    Cavara_(Artist) David Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Sue Taeshi_(Artist) Tim_Buckley_(Artist) meme parody (610x750, 509.0KB)

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    This was probably more fun the day I made it, right after [url=""]page 17 of Breaking Up[/url].
    Also, I'd like to apoligize to Tim Buckley: I have nothing against him at all and I enjoy his comic!

    Cavara 6 years ago.

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    This has helped me notice that Mike's scarf is literally orbiting his neck instead of being wrapped around it.
    What the hell, this is quite the blunder.

    culumus 6 years ago.

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    But it's not? In the panel that was taken from, it's loosely hanging from his neck, with the weight on the back of his neck. It's a thick scarf.

    SuitCase 6 years ago.

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    Then why is it possible to see almost all of his neck + the "backside" of the scarf?
    Something here doesn't add up, unless it's only resting on the edge of his shoulders.

    culumus 6 years ago.

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    The CAD body is a fraction of the size of the BCB body relative to his head you numbnut

    Taeshi 6 years ago.

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    As to the picture itself. This pleases me far more than it should.

    Anialator 6 years ago.

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    I've been thinking of the edit's context. I must say it's quite a coincidence if you'd replace the last frame with [url=]something[/url ] that was made three years ago, it would be almost like something that could have happened (except from Mike isn't wearing the yellow scarf anymore).

    Viking 6 years ago.

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    What!? And here I wanted to make a nice and tidy hyperlink. :( It seems BBCode doesn't work like I'd expect in this place. Silly me! I should have taken learning from Cavara.

    Oh well, no big deal. Here's the supposed link: >>968

    Viking 6 years ago.

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    We need more of these!

    NostalgicPostman 6 years ago.

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    I laughed. u_u

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

    AnimatedBunny_(Artist), Lucy

    AnimatedBunny_(Artist) Lucy (1007x1740, 454.0KB)

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    This has such a cutesy and whimsical feel to it! It's very sweet; I love it~<3

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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    Oh god I adore everything you draw ;_;

    Anialator 6 years ago.

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    Love how you have drawn her in every single way!!

    NostalgicPostman 6 years ago.

    Augustus, Wildphyre-Pyro_(Artist)

    Augustus Wildphyre-Pyro_(Artist) (800x768, 247.3KB)

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    Wildphyre-Pyro 6 years ago.

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    Wildphyre-Pyro 6 years ago.

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    Aaaa cutieeee

    Taeshi 6 years ago.

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    Anialator 6 years ago.

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    Aaaa i should draw a better version of this sometime
    Because ahahahah this is badddddd

    Wildphyre-Pyro 6 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Lucy, parody

    Gnukko_(Artist) Lucy parody (668x995, 693.8KB)

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    Needs more hair

    PhoenixHunter 6 years ago.

    Lucy, Mike, Thaedael_(Artist)

    Lucy Mike Thaedael_(Artist) (187x554, 20.2KB)

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    A bit of a story behind this one. My brother wasn't doing so well so I spent the last week and a half with him trying to cheer him up. He wasn't having any of it so I ended up having a lot of time on my hands.

    A lot of the people I know, they always associate me as someone that loves bittersweet stories, especially ones that end "sadly", so a few people asked me if I was the artist how would I end BCB.

    Originally was going to make it for the edits thread, but when I went to crop and redo, it loses all the charm that Taeshi puts into the artwork because brush strokes become blurred and inconsistent, so it ended up turning into pixel art as I went.

    As per usual credit where it is due;


    Heavy referencing to pages 27/28. A few minor edits, being that I wanted Mike to look like he was wearing a suit. The colors, while maybe a little washed out and subdued, were chosen because most people associate Lucy with a pink ribbon, and Mike with a blue scarf, which is how they started when they were in good terms, and how they would end if they were on good terms.

    Hope you enjoy, and I hope Taeshi continues to enjoy making her comic as much as we enjoy reading it. Best of wishes and love.


    thaedael 6 years ago.

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    ...I really appreciate this. It's very sweet. <3

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Augustus, Daisy, HellintheCloud_(Artist), human

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Augustus Daisy HellintheCloud_(Artist) human (1088x704, 76.2KB)

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    This is amazing i wish i had your style awesome coloring and nice smooth lines keep up the great work :love: :love:

    arina1234 6 years ago.

    Fat_Tabby_(Artist), Lucy

    Fat_Tabby_(Artist) Lucy (700x700, 38.4KB)

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    N'aww. So cuuuute~!

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

    Daisy, Fat_Tabby_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    Daisy Fat_Tabby_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo (833x666, 77.0KB)

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    perfect season-matchings!!!

    Taeshi 6 years ago.

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    The four seasons never looked so cute before.

    bluefox 6 years ago.

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    Thanks! ^w^

    fat_tabby 6 years ago.

    Augustus, Daisy, ShadowChris_(Artist)

    Augustus Daisy ShadowChris_(Artist) (612x794, 77.1KB)

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    A quick hallowenish thing I threw together.

    Shadowchris 6 years ago.

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    Tom-the-Foxey 6 years ago.

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    You forgot one thing: they both rape in the woods

    Theraiser2000 6 years ago.

    Carathehedgehog_(Artist), human, Lucy

    Carathehedgehog_(Artist) Lucy human (1000x1000, 60.5KB)

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    I have no idea.

    Carathehedgehog 6 years ago.

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    A lot of people said that to me today. There might be something to this.

    Anialator 6 years ago.

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    *imitating PAINIS Cupcake*

    MaronaPossessed 6 years ago.

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    I like the AT style going on here. n_n

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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