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    Stofu_(Artist), Tess

    Stofu_(Artist) Tess (650x907, 109.9KB)

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    Can't help but see a drunken rape face...

    Blue_Sly 6 years ago.

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    Heh.. Who needs sleep anyway? ;_; Tess why you so scary?

    CorCaz 6 years ago.

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    um you forgot about her tail piercings.. other than that it looks alright.

    Kyla 6 years ago.

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    Stofu 6 years ago.

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    Haha! This looks awesome! I really like how her face came out and woowwow her pose is great! B)

    Box 6 years ago.

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    Stofu you're not the only one that has forgotten to add the piercings on her tail. but I think Taeshi or Suit Case wouldn't mind, but look through your painting to see if there's any thing else that you might of missed.

    Kyla 6 years ago.

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    well I meant to look through this one. I kinda wish there was an "Edit" button so I can correct what I posted.

    Kyla 6 years ago.

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    ah I had a few refs up of her when I drew her, it's only the tail piercings I forgot because most of the comic doesn't have her flailing it around aha u.u

    Stofu 6 years ago.

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    true, there isn't a lot of full bodies to see some times.

    Kyla 6 years ago.

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    TessxBooze otp

    Stofu 6 years ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, DafninhaM_(Artist), Lucy

    Augustus AugustusxLucy DafninhaM_(Artist) Lucy (376x509, 348.5KB)

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    noodle-arms, noodle-arms everywhere! (love teh kitty versions!)

    DLancer 6 years ago.

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    I love the one in the bottom left corner- They stole the accessories of their affections XD

    Darecrow 6 years ago.

    Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, rubberducky_(Artist)

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy rubberducky_(Artist) (738x597, 312.0KB)

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    Bored sketch turned into a messy one-layer speedpainting session. I honestly pair Lucy with everyone under the sun but this is probably my favourite and the one I hope works out.

    rubberducky 6 years ago.

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    Awwweee! This is so cuuuuttteee! <3

    Jocelynn1112 6 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Jessica, Lucy, Yashy

    Gnukko_(Artist) Jessica Lucy Yashy (668x688, 445.4KB)

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    I love Yashy in the corner, damn.

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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    Furball 6 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Lucy

    Gnukko_(Artist) Lucy (668x705, 496.9KB)

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    I couldn't have asked for better.

    Mr_Klaus 6 years ago.

    Lucy, Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist)

    Lucy Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist) (480x640, 195.9KB)

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    This is beautiful and her eyes and tears are gorgeous and heart breaking. I'm wondering what's happening here though?

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #56102

    What's happening? Well the utter skin tightness of the bow around the neck and the actual bow wings being located at that slightly higher point could be a sign of her bow being nailed to the wooden planks in the background, choking her with the weight of her body suspended dangling around.

    Geist 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #56105

    Well darn, that escalated quickly.
    She's just crying and uh, standing? And those aren't wooden planks, it's just a cruddy background. :U This drawing was meant to be seen in 3D, so.
    Oh, and thank you Yaschiri! :3

    Pocket-Monster-1994 6 years ago.

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    Geist: Is that a fetish or something? :U

    Pocket: Most welcome. <3

    Yaschiri 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #56112

    It's not like you should draw a happy lucy or anything.

    bluefox 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #56136

    Nah, not a fetish or anything. She just looks a bit shocked/stressed and her bow just has an odd angle, but thing is she's all crying and looks uncomfortable without much context.
    Like >>7305 , crying, holding her hand, just begged for a joke, but it's not a joke if I have to explain it, so I guess I fail at humor.

    Geist 6 years ago.

    JAW121_(Artist), Paulo

    JAW121_(Artist) Paulo (796x727, 260.9KB)

    Comment ID #56135

    I expected this to be animated.

    Migrant 6 years ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Ribbon_(Artist), Sandy

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxLucy Ribbon_(Artist) Sandy (900x2000, 1.2MB)

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    I got bored so I doodled some BCB stuff ..
    excuse my horrible handwriting :c Lucy is saying "Want one? My treat." to Mike. It's supposed to be an instance where she is being sweet and they are kids dfjgnmfg

    Ribbon 6 years ago.

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    B'AAAAAAAaaaaaaawwwww this gave me diabetes

    isabelle 6 years ago.

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    Shannon 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #50232

    You can't call them doodles if they're THIS good! ;) I've tried drawing on my computer many times, but I never could. :/ It sucks though because when you can draw on a computer well, the colors and texture look amazing! :P Keep making your awesome pictures! 8-)

    millymaculo 6 years ago.

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    Jocelynn1112 6 years ago.

    Augustus, Bridgey_(Artist), Lucy

    Augustus Bridgey_(Artist) Lucy (933x807, 214.5KB)

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    But you forgot about his piercing :D
    I can't wait for more!

    Also, NintendoSega: same here, you took the words right out of my mouth

    eniena 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #43862

    *to see more, of course...

    eniena 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #43863

    eniena. I intentionally left out his peircing. He's at home after all. That's why he's also not wearing his collar.

    Bridgeotto 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #43864

    Oooh okay ;)

    eniena 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #43865

    I♥It I Hope Tas Use This In One Of The Bcb Comic (^_^)

    ImaWeird 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #43891

    Man these finickity fans, eh Taeshi?

    SushiJaguar 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #44031

    I love how everybody's AUGUSTUS UGUUUUU on this pic and on my AugustusxLucy pics I get flaming hatred and stupid questions...

    anyway, faving because AugustusLucy ftw ^^

    Rose 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #44114

    damn this is a cute *** comic ;3

    moozers 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #45991

    Awww #^_^#

    chaoscat 7 years ago.

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    I dont agree with the ship, but i do admit you drew them so lovely~

    Wildphyre-Pyro 6 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Katie, Stacy

    Gnukko_(Artist) Katie Stacy (668x539, 320.7KB)

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    Tis brilliant. I didn't even get it at first, so immense this is. ~_~
    Stacy, you go, girl

    CR 6 years ago.

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