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Candybooru image #10161, tagged with Box_(Artist) Daisy David Lucy Mike Paulo Sandy Yashy kittens


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ah please delete the other one, i forgot to color yashi in lucy's hand so i reuploaded

Box 6 years ago.

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Deleted the other picture and gonna copypaste my comment aahahhahah >8D

Eeeeee as I said on twitter, I always love love love how you reference things in the comic, that is always my most favourite thing <3333 Seriously references to the series are my DRUG

Having babby paulo and lucy participating in the game is just lovelyyyy aaaa

btw as an aside i was looking at your whole gallery today and oh my god have you improved. Your newer work is so amazing and expressive and even when you doodle there’s so much life.

AND AS I WAS TYPING THIS I NOTICED YASHY ON LUCY’S TAIL. This drawing is so perfect, it’s so fun!! I love fun bcb story-based past drawings!!!

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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i'm screaming
your comments make me so happy!!!! thanks taeshi!!

and omfg yeah i was looking at it the other day and i'm vomitting at the sight of my old art -- and you uploaded my old art too so it's not only in my gallery

Box 6 years ago.

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this is so cute holy shit!!! i can't offer as detailed feedback as taeshi i'm sorry ;w; but your uploads are always so pretty

PickYerPoison 6 years ago.

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aaaah thank you!!

Box 6 years ago.

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im so in love with all of ur art. all of it. there's always so much happening in ur doodles and it always portrays some FEELING really really well... im just.. in luv.

TrappedLikeCats 6 years ago.