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Candybooru image #10181, tagged with MikexLucy PauloxDaisy Ribbon_(Artist) kittens


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pauloxdaisy is really growing on me (probably because he's the only guy who i ship daisy with at this point since augustusxdaisy and abbeyxdaisy don't appeal to me anymore and i don't care much for mikexdaisy since i prefer him with sandy or lucy.... or paulo) and because of that i have fallen in love with their kitten

paulo is so shippable, between lucy, daisy and rachel i cant even decide who is best girl (or boy cause i like mikexpaulo too WELP) for him anymore

anyways I'm rambling so enjoy the picture!! and expect another piece from me super soon since i am working on someone's request :)

Ribbon 6 years ago.

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paulo is too shippable. I feel your exact pain. OTL
very nice art, btw!

AshuraAtsu 6 years ago.

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Imagine if their parents found this out... XD

This is SOOO CUTE! Thank you for sharing!

Autzen_ 6 years ago.

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I love your art style!

jeroenhd 6 years ago.

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this is adorable! I love the way you drew them :D

faune 6 years ago.

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Look at those perfect parental genes lmao

Taeshi 6 years ago.