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Candybooru image #10272, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy AbbeyxLucy AbbeyxPaulo Alejandro Amaya Augustus AugustusxDaisy AugustusxLucy BCB_Art_Meme Chirpy Chris DavidxRachel DavidxSue Haley JessicaxLucy Lily Lucy LucyxSandy MattxJordan Mike MikexLucy MikexPaulo Paulo PauloxLucy PauloxSue Sandy Shamimzee_(Artist) Sue Taeshi Yashy


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I think I feel confused with what I have done..I hope I didn't "copy" someone else' idea here :x

shamimzee 6 years ago.

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Your art style is sooo cute, I love it!
That panel 5 tnough, oh baby

jeroenhd 6 years ago.

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@__noname__ Thank you so so much! :D Yup, #5 was fun to do haha! *lies in a bath of holy water*

shamimzee 6 years ago.

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Philippines Amaya is great.

Radial 6 years ago.

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*Nose Bleeds*

I really like your style!

Thank you for uploading!

Autzen_ 6 years ago.

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But... but... no Alejandro x Lucy?

Lovely art though looking forward to seeing more of your stuff :)

Anialator 6 years ago.

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This is such a great meme hahahahah I love your absolute TOWER of ships (I know that feel), and I love how you totally interrupt the AlejxLucy scene because knowing Alejandro :-[

You’re so sweet and I really wish we could see each other!! ;__; It’s so sad how a lot of countries TEAR PEOPLE APART but hey i met my bubs and he was from Australia so ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I loooooove the scene with Lucy and Sandy being stars and Chris just calling out her name THAT’S JUST THE BEST.

also poor augustus lmao

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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I literally screamed and spazzed from reading all your beautiful, blinding comments. omg it took me a whole day to calm my nerves because---SHUCKS!! #^_^# Thank you all so much! It really means alot to me :)

@Radial Oops, Amaya was speaking in Thai. I forgot to mention that! hehe

@Fr3nDlYf0e1 Omigosh, you made me blush. hhhhhnnggggggg

@Anialator I was terrified to make LucyxAlej haha im sorry! I'll try to do more art ^///^

@Taeshi oOMIGOSH EEEEEE Thank you so much! It's because you and Souppy made this great comic that I can't choose a ship! Thank you for BCB too!hehe

I believe in what you said about how ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, maybe one day... :D! I'm so overjoyed that you liked this meme *HOOO!* I feel so weak from happiness. AAAAAA *bow*

shamimzee 6 years ago.

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hahaha this is amazing you put so much thought into every answer with all these cute little character things and opinions

i laughed at basically every answer so i’m not sure what i can single out to praise

SuitCase 6 years ago.

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ok, amm ……….. I spend a good time reading this, I think so ………. I go away

bhauser 6 years ago.

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@SuitCase uWAAA omgomg thank you! Your comment is so shiny, eeee thank you so much!! #^_^#

@bhauser haha! I'm so happy you liked it!! *gives you a flower b4 u leave* take care :D

shamimzee 6 years ago.

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this is adorable

Thundefair 3 months ago.