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Candybooru image #10552, tagged with JayGamer_(Artist) Mike


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Calm down dude I don't your ship is sinking any time soon

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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i'm never sure how to draw tears but if this chapter goes where i think it's going then HOOOOOOO BOY I'M GONNA CRY ENOUGH TIMES TO KNOW HOW TO DRAW A FUCKING FUNERAL

JayGamer 5 years ago.

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how the hell did you comment before i did on my own image you goddamn ninja

JayGamer 5 years ago.

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Awwuh! Poor Mike.

Love the subtle "NOT" in the background and all dem feels on Mike's face :O

Hipster 5 years ago.

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The Mike x Sandy ship is indestructible, it will never sink.

Unless some white-furred pink-bowed iceberg shows up, that is.

jeroenhd 5 years ago.

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*Meanwhile, aboard the SS Mike x Sandy...

"Mike, sir. We received an unusual shipment."

"Let me take a look."

A package, wrapped with a large pink bow sits on the ground.

"Oh, sh*t! It's a-" Mike is cut off by the large explosion.

The SS Mike x Sandy ship begins to sink rapidly as the fellow shippers begin to jump out.

In the distance, a U-Boat shaped craft appears. It's the Mike x Lucy. Lucy begins to chuckle hysterically.

(I have no life :/ )

Autzen_ 5 years ago.

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@JayGamer idk Dumb luck I guess

@Fr3nDlYfoe "This is Air Mike x Paulo, Prepare to drop bombs on my command."

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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Poor Mike

DayDreams 5 years ago.

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@Daffyhat "Roseville we have a problem. And it's in the form of two unauthorized ships. Shall I fire the Poly Space Gun?"

"You are authorized. We shall mark this moment as MikexPauloxLucy.

SorenExplosions 5 years ago.

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High command to U-226. This is an emergency. Our beloved battleship The "BisMike" is being attacked by "Sandbags" (I tried to "Stringbags". ;-;) Those murderous MikexSandy biplane torpedo bombers, and more ships are closing in! To ensure the morale of the MikexLucy army stays high, you are ordered to assist the battleship in any way possible until it is close enough to the coast to be under elite "Lucywaffe" fighter and bomber cover. Godspeed U-226, and good luck. Out.

Lotsaspaghetti 5 years ago.

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@ SorenExplosions "Firing of space gun confirmed. MikexPauloxLucy Is a go. Repeat, MikexPauloXLucy is a go."

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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Warning, all passengers on the SS Mike x Sandy. An unexpected series of events has unfolded leading to the potential sinking of this ship. All passengers, please make a B-line for the life rafts, which you will find on the far left side of the front deck. Our many ship crew members will help guide you onto the life rafts. This is not a drill.

this better be a god damn drill.

JayGamer 5 years ago.

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D..Did the comment section turned into a warzone?

Lekisceon 5 years ago.

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@Leckisceon Yes.

This is MikexLucy KreigsMikerine High Command. We will allow the safe evacuation of your passengers, as well as all the crew, but be warned, we do not have control over the other navies in the vicinity, although many of them are smaller ships, they can still do damage if they team up. I suggest getting your lifeboats out of here as soon as possible. Because with the new pages-*COUGH COUGH* I mean... Rising tensions... We may not be so friendly in the future, and neither will they. :unsure:

I hope your evacuation goes all well. Godspeed.

Lotsaspaghetti 5 years ago.

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Meanwhile, a single rowboat is slowly making its way to the battle zone. Its wood rotten, its paddles nearly broken, the two remaining passengers of a once glorious battleship row on.

"Don't worry", one crewman says to the other, "we might not have the biggest ship right now, but the SS MikexLucy will one day rule the fandom again! Our ship will never sink!"

jeroenhd 5 years ago.

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The rowboat is then run over by a small ship, LucyxSandy, who is late to the party.

...I'm trying to destroy a battleship version of the fandom ship I tried to protect...

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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To all - I'm amazed by how far these comments are going.
To JayGamer - Great art as always. 8-)

Jarod855 5 years ago.

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@Jarod885 You'll be amazed some more then.

Uhh... MikexLucy High command to the rest of the ships in the area... What is even going on? I heard some sort of ship proclaim themselves to be a MikexLucy ship through what sounded like a potato... I'm pretty sure it was a potato... And then run over by a LucyxSandy ship?... I'm not sure where that rowboat even came from... Much less how it was even out in the middle of the English cha-Err... I mean... "Shipper sea"... From what I can gather, the other navies are starting to move their ships in to try and demolish one another. From MikexLucy KreigsMikerine High Command to MikexSandy High Command, I feel it would be better to both pull back our forces rather than trying to get into this little conflict and turning it into a large battle... Can you confirm my statement? :question:

Lotsaspaghetti 5 years ago.

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This chapter is the price we pay for indulging so gluttonously within the best ship. I hurt inside.

Anialator 5 years ago.

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This is MikexSandy High Command. We have received your message and we are in agreement. We recommend a strategic withdrawal from both parties before full-on com-*cough cough* uh- I mean "shipping war" commences. Are we in agreement?

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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Ja. We are in agreement. The KreigsMikerine ships in the area are withdrawing. If any enemy ships attempt to fire upon yours, do not return fire. It will only provoke them to fight harder. We shall do the same. Let us leave as comerades for now, lest we stay as enemies.

Lotsaspaghetti 5 years ago.

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As the larger ships begin to sail off, the smaller ones slowly cease fire. As the final ship leaves, a silence takes over the area, the only breaks in it the crashing of waves. It seems like the end, but this is only the calm. The true "shipping war" has only begun.

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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Damn good ending for this comment chain if I do say so myself, good sir.
Even though it kind of doesn't relate to the picture at all.
Wasn't that what comments were supposed to be used for?
Either way, still a pretty good conclusion of a comment chain.

Lotsaspaghetti 5 years ago.

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I can only just hope that comrade/overlord Taeshi can forgive us for our lengthy comment-chain maritime war story. :unsure:

Lotsaspaghetti 5 years ago.

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She loves me :unsure:
She loves me :unsure:
She loves me :unsure:
She loves me :unsure:

Tinymike 5 years ago.

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Still love this thing.The ship war.

Sunner 4 years ago.