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Candybooru image #11015, tagged with Abbey Augustus Daisy HandSwords_(Artist) Jasmine Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel


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I VERY much wanted to redo this mostly bc I'm trash lmao. But no I didn't like how my previous one turned out so here we are.

2) I ship a lot of the cast, it's everywhere. I just named the ones off the top of my head then gave up.

4) Okay I don't DESPISE Daisy, but she does repeatedly annoy me to death. She's just all around not a good person to me and she's self-absorbed, doesn't know when to stop, blah blah blah.

5) I never knew that I needed this.
6) Or this.

9) NOW THIS STUCK WITH ME FOR A LOOONG TIME. Its one of the few groups of scenes I just can't ever forget. Mostly because I've been through the same thing as what Lucy had done in this chapter and god did it hurt. I really appreciated the tune of the chapter it was so good.

HandSwords 5 years ago.

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I seriously love the dog(cat?????)pile of Paulo and Augustus and Abbey in #5 as Daisy looks with such bewilderment, AND THE LUCY BEHIND HER FFF

#8 jesus christ lmao

Your style is so distinct and interesting and unique and it’s so cool ;___;

also yes a distance aparttttt one of my fave chapters thumbs up THIS IS ALL A GREAT MEME, I’m happy BCB has helped in some ways and I hope things are looking up for you and etc ;__;7

Taeshi 5 years ago.

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Your previous one was pretty neat.
But with this redo, I (and I'm sure plenty of other people) can now see how your artstyle has changed over time.

Keep up the good work, Hand!


Waldo 5 years ago.

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@Taeshi aaa thank you so so so much, it all means a lot, you've been such a role model/idol/inspiration for years haha

@Waldo I always look forward to your comments ;u; its always a nice thing to see ~ and thank you as well!

HandSwords 5 years ago.

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#5 oo boi

Felox 5 years ago.

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D'aww man, it makes me feel happy to know you do that!
I'll comment as soon as I can on your future posts!

Waldo 5 years ago.

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The nosebleed is real

Daffyhat 5 years ago.

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thank god this exists
just like
everything about it? yes

TrappedLikeCats 5 years ago.

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Byrd 5 years ago.

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I LOVE THIS. Especially the PauloxAuggiexAbraham Pile.

FluffyMoth 5 years ago.

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naked augustus.

not_used 5 years ago.

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I know I often write a lot of silly comments on your art, but like your art always has so much emotion and this especially just makes me feel seriously warm and happy, so I want to be like seriously appreciative. So thanks for your incredible everything, because it always puts a smile on my face #^_^#

JayGamer 5 years ago.

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You're my spirit animal.

Mert 5 years ago.

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aw I love you man thank you ;u;

HandSwords 5 years ago.

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oh boy that's lewd

luminisenc 5 years ago.

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Male Rachel is hot :love:

abigblackdonut 5 years ago.

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#5 boi

That is hot 8-D

TehNuwbieSalad 5 years ago.