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Candybooru image #11681, tagged with Amaya Box_(Artist) Sue


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small doodle bc i had some time
i wanted to draw sue with a different look and i threw in amaya because why not LOL, i also did this in a slightly different style bc i kinda wanted to try to draw in a more anime style

Box 4 years ago.

Comment ID #75396

i've always really loved the way you draw amaya, tbh

sue looks great here, too

AND THE WAY YOU DRAW EXPRESSIONS IS ALWAYS SO WONDERFUL AND EXPRESSIVE LIKE WOW??? i love how amaya's just "meh" towards whatever sue's pissed about

Xionvee 4 years ago.

Comment ID #75397

Cool drawing.

SCD 4 years ago.

Comment ID #75419

I like how "more anime" in your style still manages to look unrestricted and natural and expressive, it's great. And Sue deserves that hairstyle and choker they look great on her

JayGamer 4 years ago.

Comment ID #75424

i'll forever be in love w all of ur expressions, ugh. super super digging sues look!!

lullaby 4 years ago.

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ahhh thank you!!! i haven't doodle anything in a long time but after i'm done with this semester i'll be able to draw all the bcb stuff i have on my list! i still have a comic i want to draw from "model girlfriend" haha!

Box 4 years ago.

Comment ID #75439

I love that Sue's hair is in a pony tail omg.

Yaschiri 4 years ago.

Comment ID #75499

Who made her so mad :(

SuitCase 4 years ago.