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Candybooru image #12638, tagged with Daisy DaisyxSandy Hair_Daisy Sandy esinololly_(Artist)


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Here's some DaisyxSandy that NO ONE askef for

(I had this idea in my head for ages..)

esinololly 2 years ago.

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this is wonderful!!!! everything about the art and the way you have these two interact is so good ;___; <33333

leporibae 2 years ago.

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YES! bring back the sandy + daisy content !!! soo cute

kit 2 years ago.

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My first thought upon seeing frame 4:
"When did Mike gain that much weight..."

I'm not glad I was wrong(

CR 2 years ago.

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Cool comic.

SCD 2 years ago.

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Aww! She looks so cute in that outfit, with her belly out and everything. A+ lesbians.

Crossdog367 2 years ago.

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-Bangs gong-

THIS IS GOOD I require more.

Yaschiri 2 years ago.

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One way Daisy can know she's cute in it is she had me picturing different things to add to have different themes to the same outfit. I have no interest in fashion but there are just so many possibilities.

kamimatsu 1 year ago.

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Also I originally thought it was Madison.

kamimatsu 1 year ago.