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Candybooru image #12841, tagged with Box_(Artist) Daisy


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edgy doodly shit part 2

Box 3 years ago.

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Wait what? Cloning, or a depiction of Daisy's inner monologue?

Rateus 3 years ago.

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interpret it however you like!

Box 3 years ago.

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Daisy: Why you don't like me?
Evil Daisy: Oh, you wanna know? 'Cause the answer's easy! I'm BAD Daisy... and you're GOOD Daisy! You're a goody little two-shoes! Little goody two-shoes! Little goody two-shoes!
Nice drawing.

SCD 3 years ago.

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hahah! that comment reminds me of persona
"I am thou... Thou art I..." or even hiimdaisy's thing.. "more like one yosuke and one. awesome. yosuke"

Box 3 years ago.

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Thanks, it's from the horror movie "Army of Darkness".

SCD 3 years ago.

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ooo baby

garb 3 years ago.

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this is Very Good

comfit 3 years ago.

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i saw a klance pic u drew and yelled bc bcb AND voltron? my 2 fav tbings? bless u box

sadboy 3 years ago.

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Daisy meets her Shadow. The unseen part of her. The part she covers with her Mask. Every meeting is different. No version of you leaves the way you entered.

A world of contradiction exists in them. More Masks leads to more contradictions. Sometimes layered.

Here we see two of her Shadows. You didn't think people were simple enough to only need one thing to represent them, did you? Especially not a teenager? If things were that simple, would we believe we need a Mask?

One Shadow, passive and alone, refusing to fight back after being struck time after time, as if this is simply how it is. A Mask, unseen in this piece but seen in the comic, helps those who can be helped. But what can one do when one can do nothing but watch someone suffer, unable even to speak against it? Maybe there was a certain event where she really could not do anything but watch? Maybe she wishes to avoid that feeling of helplessness? Maybe this Shadow is that feeling staying with her? Maybe the Mask helps people because she doesn't know how to help herself, and wants to forget? On one hand, channeling is considered an effective coping method. On the other hand diverting is not.

Another Shadow, the part of her that knows all of this, shames every ounce of her own being for this perceived weakness. The Shadow that desperately wants to get out and is already peering through the Mask. This is the one that screams things like "How hard is it to tell friend you need their help? 'Help me!' They are two simple words! Do you want to be miserable? Do you like being miserable? How would any of your friends feel knowing you are doing this to yourself? They don't deserve what you are doing to them!"

Sometimes it's also a matter of helping the Shadows understand each other. Fiction will have this resolves in a half hour every week. Real life is different. It's more like resolving it for an hour each week over the course of a much longer span of time.

And Daisy must do more than embrace those shadows. She must help them embrace her. There could come a day where her altruistic tendencies are because she wants to do good, not because she feels she owes something.

kamimatsu 3 years ago.

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5c4rl377 3 years ago.

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ah geez.... the colors are so good!! your work is so fluid and dynamic and part of the reason i started trying more dynamic poses ;__;

abrahams2 3 years ago.

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Daisy's flaws morphing into an individual of their own? How Daisy keeps being portrayed by her friends as a good person but deep inside everything about her is a mess? and confronting and admitting her faults is just too hard for herself? aaaah idk ;_;

Havocarius 3 years ago.