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Candybooru image #12879, tagged with Box_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Rachel


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bbirthday girls crying on their biirthday

Box 1 year ago.

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Oh man this is so so awesome!!! The pastel colours mold so perfectly together, especially with the balloons and the outfits ;__; The light blush on their faces is such a nice touch~!!

and dfkhfdhgkfdhg having the papers fall next to Lucy with the wine bottle next to Rachel and Daisy’s presents, just all the items that theme their respective birthdays YOUR DRAWINGS ARE ALWAYS SO FULL OF NICE DETAILS there’s always something new and intricate to notice!!!

Taeshi 1 year ago.

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They're crying because they're so happy that they all had great birthday parties.
Cool drawing.

SCD 1 year ago.

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TravelPastel 1 year ago.

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Jelly 1 year ago.

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Ughhh they all look so good. I love how Lucy's profile/expression looks and the pillow she's clutching. But I can't seem to figure out why the papers are associated with her, can someone else tell me? :/

irreverses 1 year ago.

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@irreverses The invitations Daisy sent out/the paper Lucy tore up when she first met Augustus (I think that was around her birthday).

BugTheBird 1 year ago.

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thank you guys for the nice comments!
ahhh thank you taeshi!

yup bugthebird is right! although i think that was the invitation that daisy made for "lucy's sleepover party"? haha oh daisy

Box 1 year ago.

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And Rachael is next to bottles everyone drank at her party.

kamimatsu 1 year ago.

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This is great!

Rateus 1 year ago.

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(it's my party and i'll cry if i want to)

really great job on this!! i love their expressions and all the lil details

comfit 1 year ago.

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this is so beautiful i;m so in love with your artwork stab me

Byrd 1 year ago.

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bwaaah thank you for all the kind words!
also comfit. yes.

Box 1 year ago.

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They had better be crying tears of joy! Furious Abbey

1434939 11 months ago.

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Loving this o3o

ciptea 10 months ago.