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Candybooru image #13189, tagged with Box_(Artist) Mike Sandy


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some edgy shit
anyways um! i think mike is living in the past while sandy is trying to grow and i think mike hasn't grown in a while because he's trying to be certain things he's not
if that makes sense
i'm open for commissions! check them out lmao

Box 3 years ago.

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also not saying that mike is weighing sandy down or anything
if anything, i think sandy is being cruel to mike

Box 3 years ago.

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Cool drawing.
Mike's theme song:

SCD 3 years ago.

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Looove how you did sandy's hair

irreverses 3 years ago.

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thank you!!

Box 3 years ago.

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Great image. Aptly symbolic.

Rateus 3 years ago.

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golly i love this, the paint-y look of it works really well & you can really feel the desired closeness in mike's pose & the sheer indifference / unawareness in sandy's

fantastic job on this

comfit 3 years ago.

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aw thanks haha!!

Box 3 years ago.

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This is absolutely incredible and breath taking! Love the concept.

TravelPastel 3 years ago.

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Awww Box, I love this! I like how Mike is depicted as child-like here, especially with how the height difference is utilized, while desperately tugging onto Sandy who has moved onto a much more different world than his.
Really brings home the message that Mike really is clinging onto his 'golden years' of elementary and middle school ;m;

JoyJoy 3 years ago.

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oh thank you thank you!
oh wow joyjoy you got it on the mark haha! that's exactly what i was thinking when i was drawing this! i felt like sandy was growing up while mike is trying to cling onto whatever's that's left...

Box 3 years ago.