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Candybooru image #13350, tagged with Lucy Mike babyd0ll_(Artist)


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ok hear me out i dont like mike much at all and i do lov Lucy BUT
as soon as Paulo said this i was like oh boyyyyyy that exact speech probs shoulda come from Lucy a LOOONG time ago lmao so i messily sketched it out

babyd0ll 3 years ago.

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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

mushroom 3 years ago.

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I agree, I feel like everyone always finds Lucy faultless for some reason, so I love this!

Hipster 3 years ago.

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Awesome drawing.

SCD 3 years ago.

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@Hipster Not faultless, Mike simply has a lot more faults to turn the table.

Also, not only was Lucy's "Abuse" (Quotation marks because it's ridiculous) not brought up for the longest time, but also encouraged at points. And when it was brought up, she was given no chance to change.

And Mike instigated a lot of the fights as well, with a few being unnecessarily cruel. (Making fun of Yashi for being a pet, saying she doesn't have higher brain function)

So before December and when shit started to hit the fan, they were on equal terms. Afterwards, however, it should be obvious that making someone attempt suicide would give bonus points to the karma toll.

Also, his apology was utter shit and he doesn't deserve forgiveness with that.

Kinroth 3 years ago.