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This was the first piece of fanart I saw for BCB.

It got my hopes up so high. ; ;

TitaniumDragon on August 1, 2010.

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Actually, I think the expressions are the other way around now, after Lucy told Mike off about not owning her, ect ect ect... :D uhoh!

Anonymous #1 on August 4, 2010.

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this is great!

Anonymous #2 on August 10, 2010.

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luis on August 16, 2010.

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a tear came to my eye, when i saw lucys expression

Anonymous #3 on September 12, 2010.

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Taeshi you RULE!

Anonymous #4 on September 19, 2010.

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^Except this isn't by Taeshi.

SkylineFaux on September 19, 2010.

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Face it it was never meant to be.

PepeLePew on September 20, 2010.

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No, the expressions are right for now.
Lucy told Mike she loved him and he blew her off.
But you know, Mike once told Lucy he loved her and she blew him off...

Soo...Eventually they'll work this out and get back together as more than just friends. They'll be a couple...

Anonymous #5 on May 14, 2011.

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d'aaawwwww... so sad.... D:

Anonymous #6 on June 22, 2011.

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evil scarf

Meow on July 20, 2011.

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Oh, wow! Those expressions look so deep and realistic! I am going to fave this one. :)
Mike's facial expression tells so much, I mean, you can see he is clearly upset, but you
can also note an intricate sadness he is trying to hide.
Lucy's expression, even the body language, shows how shattered she is... just, wow.

foggy_han on October 21, 2012.

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_marshmallow_ on October 27, 2015.