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Author commentary

Veronica: Jordan is me and my mediocre SAT result

Oliver: The SAT famously changed a while back, right? Maybe it changed back? But for a long time even I, the Australian, knew that 1600 was the perfect result. It certainly was in comic time!

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Sketch a Day 1533-LucyXAgustus: Thank you - 7/17/19I like these two. I wouldn’t mind them becoming a couple, but I also like them as a platonic relationship. Plus I’m still a little team LucyXPaulo. But these two are cute.

Tumblr: siamese712-sketch-a-day January 19, 2020

Posted imagePosted imagePosted imagePosted imageRefs done!
Some info:
Lucy doesnt own any clothing, and only wears oversized clothing from Daisy. The reason being that she doesnt want her kids asking about her stomach scar. Her shoulder scars being covered help too, she doesnt […]

Tumblr: kazooiesart January 17, 2020

Posted imagePosted imagePosted imageCompletely deaf Lucy au

Tumblr: kazooiesart January 16, 2020

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