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[Caption: So, James, how did you not notice when Mike ? And how did you avoid seeing PAULO?]

[Caption: Love Again]
*Paulo grabs Mike by the shoulder in the background and points at him angrily.*
Paulo: She’s only like this because she can’t stand the sight of YOU.
*James, oblivious, balances three cartons of drinks on his nose.*
James: Look what I can do, look what I can do!

*Lucas rests his cheek on his hand, rolling his eyes.*
Lucas: Okay James you’ve done this three lunch periods in a row now. We’ve seen enough.
*Max smirks.*
Max: Remember when he spilled it all over himself and smelled like rotten milk the next day?

*James blushes in embarrassment, the cartons fall off his nose.*
James: I still don’t know how that happened! I swear I showered when I got home!
Darwin: You gotta clean behind the ears!

[Caption: High Expectations]
*The track team sit in their seats at lunch and watch Mike slam Paulo’s face into the other lunch table. James is absent.*
Lucas: .. Okay.
*Lucas raises an eyebrow.*
Felix: Good thing James is at home with the flu.
*Darwin leans in to whisper.*
Darwin: You.. you sure we should try to get this guy to join the team?

*Finn leans back in his chair with his arms behind his head.*
Finn: Hey, the kid can run. That’s all that matters.

Finn: He could flip the table directly onto that guy and I’d still want him running with us.
*Darwin looks at Finn, incredulous.*
Darwin: Why are you like this Finn

*James lies in his bed with an ice pack on his head, looking ill.*
James: Blurghghrgh

Author commentary

Veronica: Hey, guyyyys! Here’s a fun little intermission between chapters! I noticed people had SEVERAL QUESTIONS when it came to James’ appearance relative to EVENTS IN THE PAST and I immediately had these answers in my head that I wanted to draw.

James would get along well with Paulo and David because of their chocolate milk fights…

(In retrospect the first panel makes me worry that people might interpret this as James trying to distract the track team from seeing Paulo and Mike in the background, but no. He’s an idiot. He’s just showing off his balancing skills)

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #21567

Ah, yes, the exposition I needed more than anything 💕


Comment ID #21568



Comment ID #21569


Airy Frith  

Comment ID #21570

Hahaha this rules. Perfect comic, no notes.


Comment ID #21571

He's so pure! 😆😆😆


Comment ID #21572

Aww I love how fluffy Finn is


Comment ID #21573

Finn has a bright career ahead of him as a future NFL team owner


Comment ID #21574

Is this an intermission chapter? I'm hoping we get a few more pages of James and the Track Bros


Comment ID #21575

Also, I just really like this perspective of what everyone else is doing when the main group is acting out in the crowded cafeteria LMAO


Comment ID #21576

Lmao FINN, this is great


Comment ID #21577

Mike-colored glasses.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #21578

hmm, james seems to not pay attention to what is happening due to crowds in the cafeteria deafaning the noise of the main group chats and meetings or he isn't even around when most of the events are happening.

very convenient.


Comment ID #21579

Finn: I’m a sadistic prick, that’s why I’m like this.

Finn’s friend: No shit...


Comment ID #21580

One time, James was able to balance six carton of drinks on his nose.


Comment ID #21581

WHO is the bright yellow, cynical cat and why is he my new fave


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