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Veronica: Goodnight!


A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #21546

The heart wants what it wants.

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #21547

In this case it’s more like “The heart wants what it can’t have.”


Comment ID #21548

i know the last lucy is crying but i cant unsee it as snot dripping out of her face lol

also mike pls be single and go to therapy im begging you

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #21549

go track, love sports


Comment ID #21550

The visual effect of these panel lines leading into and out of Mike's head is great; I can feel the memories paining him in a way I don't think I would if they were regular rectangular panels. Many of us know the feeling of lying in bed, plagued by bad memories.


Comment ID #21551

Ah, the regret is truly delicious. As one of Mike's haters this brings me satisfaction. But as a hopeful reader wanting his redemption I feel for him. This kinda pain is really torturous and the regret he feels is probably great.. Why did he have to kiss her that snowy night and then take Sandy back. He should just be single for a while 🤷‍♀️


Comment ID #21552

I mean, he could have just hung with her, the kiss is what made it pure Mike levels of... well I don't wanna say it

The Orangewalled  

Comment ID #21553

Ah, such perfect teenage angst. I feel for these kids so hard.

Ara Scythe  

Comment ID #21554

Ah the angst


Comment ID #21555

this page looks SO GOOD omg


Comment ID #21556

The fun thing is looking at Mike and knowing he had a no win situation going on here. He would have regretted picking Lucy and hurting Sandy in the same way he regrets picking Sandy and hurting Lucy.


Comment ID #21557

Dude needs to be single and rebuild his friendships is all I'm saying.


Comment ID #21558

You made your bed, now lie in it...!

Ryuko DragonHalf  

Comment ID #21559

More like cry in it


Comment ID #21560

This page gave me Scott Pilgrim vibes, I love it 🥺

Josue Aquino  

Comment ID #21561

Mike you tried so hard for so long to burn that bridge and you were always perfectly fine with ignoring her as long as things were good with Sandy. Move on. If you're determined to cheat with someone, it can't be her anymore!


Comment ID #21562

THATS RIGHT MIKE!!! (God I love Lucy. She was so goddarndiddly pretty in that chapter, no wonder Mike went completely braindead there)


Comment ID #21563

The way this page and its panels are formatted is such really delicious storytelling


Comment ID #21564

Is this the Track Meet?


Comment ID #21565

Mike: Who said that?

Freddy Krueger: Me!

Mike: O_O

This chapter was really good.


Comment ID #21566

If LucyxMike is end game there better be a good explanation for it :'))))

Goobis Woobis  

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