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Veronica: I love the thought that Lucy is too ashamed by Daisy and Paulo’s judgement that she whispers softly enough to make plans with Mike in secret. Very cool. Gotta keep that girlboss bravado alive and well amongst the other students

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Airy Frith  

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Hoping for friendship at best.


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Lucy: "Good! Now I can break every bone in your body!"

Mike: O_O


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Mikes super hearing doing its job, love to see it


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I know this is just a "what if" comic, but I'm glad to see it happening. Even if they just end up good friends, it's nice to at least know what would have happened lol.


Comment ID #22549

Lucy Protection squad


Comment ID #22550

Lucy Protection Agency (LPA)


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The Orangewalled  

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mmm i dont like it


Comment ID #22553

Bad feeling alert


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I know it needed to be said, but I'm kind of disappointed Lucy kept up appearances here. She's not setting herself up to be honest with them *after* the bleachers talk.


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It's not like it isn't all TRUE; unfortunately it is just sinking in to both that they did this at a very vulnerable and confused time. It's on Mike for hounding her and Lucy for kissing him in his grief, but here we are. I don't think it's as simple as when Augustus said he owed her something. Interested to see what will happen.


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It bugs me a little bit that both Paulo and Daisy are like; "You're friends with him?? He sucks!" When they also have been really friendly with him and forgiven him for a lot of the bs he's pulled :/ Granted Mike's done worse to Lucy but it's also not their place to make her feel bad for wanting to mend things

Emi Koizumi  

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I could easily be wrong, but I get the feeling this is supposed to be from Mike's POV, so their comments are just his insecurity speaking


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We're jumping back pretty far in time relative to his apologies. Most of them came after this night in canon.


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Airy Frith  

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