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Another Flame — Page 6

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Veronica: baby, why can’t i quit you

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #22573

Mike: Because you already are.

Lucy: >:(

Mike: :)


Comment ID #22574

Man, the third panel really punched me in the gut in a way I wasn't expecting :')))

Aussie Armstrong  

Comment ID #22575

damn could Mucy still be endgame ?


Comment ID #22576

I don't think so as much as I'd like to be wrong. This AU would basically be spoiling that end result when it would be better to keep it a secret. I think this is more to solidify that this was the final time things could have been this way.

Red Miso  

Comment ID #22577

I'm happy it didn't take this route.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #22578

And why isn't this the main timeline?


Comment ID #22579

Thats what i want to know i like this time line much better

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #22580

I get that there's still a story to tell in the main timeline but can't we at least find a way to integrate Mucy back into it? This has been nice so far and I still believe lol


Comment ID #22581

Do you actually refuse to be that, Lucy?

I hope so for your sake but your past actions have shown otherwise...

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #22582

It’s better to follow your best judgement… “love” can be misleading. This “love” you feel can be toxic and destructive, and you know that.


Comment ID #22583

lucy you gonna meet ur dream wife in college don't give up


Comment ID #22584

Headcannon says this is a dream sequence Mike is having after the previous chapter.


Comment ID #22585

YES LUCY make that boundary clear


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