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*Sue, holding a piece of paper and looking around, grimaces as she enters a classroom.*
Sue: Is this right..? Is this room 103?

*Sue frowns as Paulo, Daisy, Mike and Lucy stare.*
Sue: Oh, of course it is.
*David smiles widely as he sits at his desk.*
David: It’s plot-convenient!

*Mike approaches Sue.*
Mike: So what did you do all summer?
*Sue grins as stars form in her eyes.*
Sue: Oh, I’m glad you asked!

*Sue raises a finger.*
Sue: After we finished moving house, my dad needed help with this project at work, which I thought could be good work experience for later!

*Sue hunches over, starry-eyed, her fists raised to her face in excitement.*
Sue: But it ended up requiring me to travel to the headquarters, which is actually up in Canada! So my summer basically became my first extended internation--

*Sue is cut off mid-sentence when Paulo complains.*
Paulo: Nobody asked for your life story, dude.

*David sits at his desk, vacantly smiling as he listens to Paulo and Sue argue.*
Sue: He LITERALLY asked--
Paulo: I LITERALLY don’t care.
Sue: Why don’t you LITERALLY choke on a--

*Tess enters the classroom and looks around. David notices her.*
Tess: Wow, ten minutes before class and already there’s a huge racket!

*David turns towards Tess, leaning across the desk.*
David: Hey, you’re hot! And well-developed!
*Tess gazes down at him with an unsettled look on her face.*
Tess: Is that.. an attempt at flirting?

*Daisy furrows her brow as she looks up at Tess, a finger to her lip.*
Daisy: You don’t look like a freshman..
*Tess smiles.*
Tess: Junior.

*Mike raises an eyebrow.*
Mike: But we’re all freshmen.. Isn’t each homeroom group separated by grade?
Tess: Not in this high school, kid. Things are different here.

*Paulo grins maniacally.*
Paulo: You mean there’ll be LOADS of older chicks in here?
*Lucy scoffs at Paulo.*
Lucy: Oh, that got your interest.

*Paulo zooms towards Tess, looking flirtatious.*
Paulo: That reminds me.. Hi ♥
*Tess frowns as she leans away from him.*

*Paulo fondles Tess’ locket necklace.*
Paulo: Hmm.. If you’re looking for a key, honey, I think I’ve got a certain something that’d fit just perfectly if you know what I--

*Lucy punches Paulo from behind, shocking Tess.*
Lucy: Don’t mind him.

*Paulo turns towards Lucy and smirks.*
Paulo: Aww.. you jealous, babe? Don’t be! If I was gonna hit on ANYONE in this room, you’d be number one!

*Lucy punts Paulo into the ceiling.*
Lucy: Don’t mind if I hit on YOU, first!

*Tess looks up, impressed.*
Tess: Wow, right to the ceiling!
*Lucy scowls as she closes her eyes.*
Lucy: I usually aim for something harder.

Author commentary

Veronica: Hey, a new regular character! Tess is the creation of my friend Lily. You can check out her Tumblr here!

Tess was given to me as a gift. While I at first didn’t know what to DO with her, Tess eventually became a vital character for multiple reasons.. so it’s wonderful to have her around. Thank you Tess for the chaos you created!

Tess gets to look cool and stylish, but to my detriment.. she’s such a challenge to draw ;__; Why aren’t you just bald and simple like EVERYONE else! You’re putting the other cats to shame!

Oliver: I do feel for Sue, sometimes.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #133140

Tact. David just failed it.

Hoheh November 24, 2010, 3:39 PM EST.

Comment ID #176431

lol david is such a troll 8-D

paulosawesome August 10, 2011, 3:34 AM EDT.

Comment ID #251081

I remember my nurse had Tess’ exact same hairstyle.

Sheichii June 25, 2013, 11:26 PM EDT.

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