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*Mike and Lucy walk down the hallway. Lucy smiles.*
Lucy: That English class was really fun!
*Mike looks deeply upset.*
Mike: I just got another essay due Monday.

*Lucy frowns at Mike.*
Lucy: Just take it easy! You’ve got a moment to breathe between classes and you’re gonna spend it feeling worried?
*Mike sighs.*
Mike: I guess you’re right..

*Mike poses heroically with his fist in the air.*
Mike: I’m going to kick your ass, English essay! Whether you like it or not!
*Daisy perks up in the distance.*

Daisy: Oh, Mikie! You’re talking about the essay? Wanna come to the library after school and compare our research lists?
*Mike’s face falls, while Lucy looks on unamused.*

*Mike covers his face with his hand as Lucy glances away.*
Mike: I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail I’m gonna fail
*Daisy smiles on at him.*

Lucy: Speaking of teenage angst.
*Lucy points, Mike looks up.*

*A group of emo students stand around, looking depressed.*
Emo student 1: Oh man..
Emo student 2: I’m crying insiiiide
Emo student 3: Another dark day..

*Mike and Lucy look past them to a boy desperately appealing to a girl, who is turning away with her hand on her hip.*
Boy: C’mon.. please! Just listen to me!! I can’t live without you!!

*Lucy sees two boys fighting. One aggressively grips the other by his shirt collar.*
Fighting boy 1: I SAID she’s mine.
*The other boy puts his fists up, ready to throw a punch.*
Fighting boy 2: No, she’s mine!
Fighting boy 1: NO!
Fighting boy 2: Hey!
Fighting boy 1: NO!
Fighting boy 2: NO!
Fighting boy 1: NO!

*Lucy frowns, looking to the side.*
Lucy: Wow..
*Tess appears, a wry smile on her face.*
Tess: Welcome to high school.
*David pokes his head out behind the group.*
David: She must be hot.

*Tess shrugs with a grin.*
Tess: It’s all-you-can-eat angst and heartbreak!
*Mike tilts his head.*
Mike: Can’t be all THAT bad..

*Tess laughs.*
Tess: Look. Just don’t get a girlfriend and you’ll be totally fine.
*Lucy scrunches up her face.*
Lucy: Hmm..
*Mike looks on, wearily.*
Mike: Ha.

*Lucy walks away.*
Lucy: It’s too bad for Mike, then.
*Mike turns to Lucy, confused.*
Mike: Huh?

*Mike yells after her, exasperated.*
Mike: What are you talking about? I don’t have a girlfriend!
*Lucy remains turned away from him.*

[The background becomes dark.]
*Lucy glares back at Mike, disgust clear on her face.*
Lucy: You goddamn liar.

*Mike looks dumbfounded as Lucy walks away.*

*Tess appears beside Mike, watching alongside him.*
Mike and Tess:

*David appears in the corner, startling the two of them.*
David: AWK-WARD~!

Author commentary

Veronica: You thought Lucy let go of that Sandy incident easily? I don’t blame her for resenting Mike a little, it’s weird that Mike parades around as a single guy when it’s obvious he has his heart set on one faraway girl in particular.

Though honestly, before Sandy became relevant to the rest of the world, Mike was acting like his heart was already set on a girl who wasn’t so far away at all..

Either way, Lucy seems to be slowly closing off.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #39805

David resorts to his way of breaking the awkward moment.

Ian June 8, 2010, 1:12 PM EDT.

Comment ID #127716

Jesus, he does what I do but louder!

Totally should have been AYU BEEMZ there.

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 9:16 AM EST.

Comment ID #213821

I think Mike is gonna have a nightmare. Mad Lucy
And He is gonna be thinking of it all day. :unsure:

Kristal. April 8, 2012, 6:58 AM EDT.

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