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*Daisy clasps her hands together.*
Daisy: Really, Mikie? You’re taken?

Daisy: That’s too bad..
*Daisy looks into the distance and pouts. Mike frowns.*

Mike: I’m not taken.
*Daisy suddenly perks up and turns back toward him, patting his shoulder.*
Daisy: Aww, how mature! You’re so very very responsible, you know? Not letting relationships distract you from your valuable education!

*The Honors English teacher smiles calmly from her desk.*
Honors English teacher: Now now, everybody. Let’s save the chat for later.

*Her smile turns into a smirk as she grabs a book.*
Honors English teacher: Have you all been enjoying your assignments?

Honors English teacher: I hope so, because it’s time to start on our class presentations! ♥
*Mike is petrified.*
Mike: Oh no..

[Caption: Meanwhile]
*Paulo and Lucy sit next to each other in class. Paulo looks off to the side.*
Paulo: The loser really got himself a ball-and-chain, eh?

*Paulo surreptitiously extends his arm behind Lucy.*

Paulo: That’s just too bad for him..
*Paulo grabs Lucy by the shoulder and pulls her close, startling her.*

*The CP English teacher smiles, her hand on her hip.*
CP English teacher: I’m only twenty!
*Paulo is thrown against the wall behind her.*

*Lucy brushes dirt from her hands. Yashy pops out from behind her, looking worried.*
Yashy: Ball and what-now?
Lucy: Yuh.
Yashy: There’s someone else?

*Yashy scowls.*
Yashy: Who is she? I’ll kill her for upsetting you!!
*Lucy looks back at her, unfazed.*
Lucy: Nothing’s wrong.

*Yashy raises an eyebrow.*
Yashy: But he just said--
Lucy: Yashy..

*Lucy glares down at Yashy, looking unusually severe.*
Lucy: Nothing’s wrong..

*Lucy scowls, leaning on the table with one arm. She and Yashy, who looks taken aback, stare at each other.*
Yashy and Lucy:

*Lucy trembles as she maintains eye contact with Yashy. Yashy looks scared.*
Yashy: M-Mom?

[Caption: Meanwhile]
*David scribbles something at his desk.*

*The English I teacher points at David and laughs.*
English I teacher: You’re still in English I GAHAHAHAHAHA!!
*David looks up from his book, upset.*

Author commentary

Veronica: That sequence between Paulo and Lucy is the best ever. And isn’t it a bit of deja vu with the sequence of teachers? The Honors English, then the CP English.. then the English I teacher.. pretty much the exact same pace as they were introduced in the comic before!

Also, Yashy almost always comes to school with Lucy. She’s either hanging out in Lucy’s bookbag or being carried by her.. Yashy seems like she’s appearing out of nowhere, but she’s always around.. watching.. waiting..

Unless she wants to stay home and play games with Blur and Lily, of course.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #2898

Yashy... Just... Go Back... Into Her Bookbag... VERY quietly... Or She... Will Kill You!

Phillip April 7, 2010, 7:14 PM EDT.

Comment ID #19319

I was wondering when Yashy would pop out.

Rue May 10, 2010, 6:47 AM EDT.

Comment ID #263863

Would it be considered bad if I wished that I had an English teacher like Dave’s back in high school??? :question:

Adrian October 31, 2013, 11:03 AM EDT.

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