23. A New Leaf, original chapter posted 9/14/06

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*Sue and Daisy stand in the school hallway, staring at a figure walking by.*

*Tess and Lucy turn to look at the figure.*
Tess: Mike?

*Mike waves to the girls, a big grin on his face.*
Mike: Yooo!~

Tess: We didn’t see you in homeroom!
Mike: I slept in, but it’s all good!

Mike: Just my first late slip of the year, no worries! Just a warning! Okay, gotta go! Bye!
*Mike holds up a peace sign and walks away.*

Tess: Somebody beat him with the happy stick..
*Lucy considers Mike with a neutral expression.*
Lucy: Hmm

Tess: Only yesterday he was a complete emotional wreck..
*Tess recalls the image of a downtrodden, slouching Mike.*

*Lucy smirks.*
Lucy: Maybe the screaming session with all those angry girls knocked him a few points down the sanity scale.

*Tess and Lucy look up as the bell rings.*
Lucy: Well, no time to dwell. Better get to class.

Lucy: See you!
*Lucy turns and runs.*

*Paulo notices Lucy running past him.*
Paulo: Oh yeah~ ♥ Time for English! ♥
Tess: Hmm..

[Caption: Meanwhile]
*Mike sits at his desk, smiling.*
Honors English teacher: Okay, my devious little literary critics..

Honors English teacher: While you’ve certainly earned a break after your commendably well-written analyses thus far..

Honors English teacher: I think I just love giving you surprise essays a little too much!

Honors English teacher: Are we all ready to begin an examination of metanarrative structures?
*Mike puts up his fists, smiling confidently.*
Mike: Oh, BRING IT ON!!

[Caption: Also meanwhile]
*David sits at his desk, playing with his eraser.*

English I teacher: Pfft.. Heheheheh..
*David looks up and glares.*

David: What is it?!
English I teacher: I was just going through your answers and thought they all really sucked.. but then I remembered.. YOU’RE IN English I! AHAHAHAHA!!
*David stands up in a huff.*
David: Do you teach us ANYTHING?!

Author commentary

Veronica: Look at him, a changed man! A new beginning! A whole new Maishul! It’s all because of the scarf, of course. The scarf was the source of his depression and trauma.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #147908

Close-up David is my new favorite panel in the entire comic

Scaught February 16, 2011, 3:10 AM EST.

Comment ID #149909

HEY!! I just noticed…….Mike doesn’t have his scarf today?!

a person March 1, 2011, 6:57 PM EST.

Comment ID #161296

i LOOOOVVVEEEE David’s teacher hahahahahaha.

CallMeGod May 14, 2011, 5:03 PM EDT.

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