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*Abbey, an Abyssinian cat with a tuft of hair on his head, kneels down and reaches out to Daisy.*

*Daisy looks up at Abbey.*
Daisy: ..?

*Abbey smiles, comfortingly.*
Abbey: C’mon, Daisy. Let me help you up.

*Daisy takes Abbey’s hand and stands up.*
Daisy: You know my name?
Abbey: Don’t you remember me?

Daisy: Oh! You’re the top student in my English class, right?!
Abbey: Well, I suppose I’ve done okay so far..

*David pops in and points at Abbey.*
David: So he’s a nerd too!
*Abbey narrows his eyes at David.*
Abbey: And ignorance is a virtue?

Abbey: Anyway.. my name is Abbey, in case you forgot. I just noticed you looked rather sad today and I just.. well..

[A flashback to a moment in class between Abbey and Daisy is shown. Daisy excitedly raises her hand in the air to answer a question while Abbey smiles at her in the distance.]
Abbey (narrating): I’ve gotten so used to seeing you so chipper and excited in class!

*Abbey smiles at Daisy.*
Abbey: And now I see that spark is gone. Perhaps I could help? If you wanted to talk, I’m here..
*Daisy looks up, wide-eyed.*

*David and Paulo grin in the background.*
David: He’s gonna ask you out.
Paulo: He wants to tap that!
*Abbey frowns.*

*Abbey turns to Paulo.*
Abbey: How could such an innocent proposal be read with any kind of sexual intent?!
*Paulo purses his lips.*
Paulo: ’Cuz you want to bone her.

*Abbey holds up his hands, shaking in frustration.*
Abbey: The thought never even crossed my mind! I wanted to offer a helping hand!

Paulo: Pfft, yeah, sure. As if a guy ever approaches a chick like that without sex on the brain, hahaha!
*Abbey grits his teeth, looking furious.*
Abbey: EXCUSE ME?!

*Abbey clenches his fist.*
Abbey: Is that all you think women are GOOD for, then?
*Paulo holds his arms behind his head, pouting.*
Paulo: Pretty much, fruitcake.

*Abbey smiles and gestures to Daisy, standing behind him.*
Abbey: A fair maiden like Daisy ought to be treated with dignity and respect.
*Daisy looks on in wonderment.*
Daisy: ..?

*Abbey sparkles and smiles to Paulo.*

*Paulo raises his eyebrow, incredulously.*
Paulo: “Fair maiden”? What are you, from the middle ages?
*Abbey’s expression drops.*

Abbey: What is your ISSUE?
Paulo: I’m not the one with the medieval beliefs, ya weirdo!
*Daisy looks somewhat disgruntled.*
Daisy: ..?

Author commentary

Veronica: Welcome Abbey to the comic! Hello, Abbey!

Now DAISY gets to know what it’s like to reject people :) Maybe you can empathise with Mike now!!!

Abbey trying so hard to be a kind, gentle soul but he’s got.. that rage.. brewing.. don’t worry, Paulo brings that out of a lot of people.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #29790

It’s Abbey!! I didn’t know he would be come one of my favorite characters when I first read this, but he’s stolen my heart~?~ Lol, not really but I do love him.

Leaving a comment May 27, 2010, 11:42 PM EDT.

Comment ID #168939

wait… what is he? A Cat? Rat? Antelope?

Hannah June 24, 2011, 3:24 PM EDT.

Comment ID #212995

Thus starts a beautiful friendship.

X-Fox97 March 29, 2012, 11:16 PM EDT.

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