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*Mike and Lucy walk together outside. Lucy is holding Yashy. Mike, wide-eyed, is shivering.*
Mike: Brrrr..

*Mike rubs his arms and grits his teeth.*
Mike: It’s been too cold lately..
*Lucy raises an eyebrow.*
Lucy: So wear a sweater, idiot.

*Paulo slides up next to Lucy, grinning.*
Paulo: ♥ Hey, since the weather’s so cool, maybe we can share some warmth, eh babe~? ♥
*Lucy gives him an annoyed look.*
Lucy: Go away.

*Tess smiles slyly, hands on her hips.*
Tess: Don’t make me have to kick your ass, Paulo.
*Paulo frowns.*
Paulo: I’m only offering to help!

*Paulo grins again, placing a hand on Lucy’s shoulder.*
Paulo: She’ll let me know when I start bugging her, Tess. Don’t worry.
*Lucy has a blank expression. Yashy stares angrily at Paulo.*

*Lucy smacks Paulo in the face, shoving him off. He looks shocked. Yashy cheers.*
Yashy: Owned!

*Paulo lays on the ground, one foot sticking up in the air, as Lucy walks away.*
Paulo: Okay.. I bugged her.
*Tess leans over him, glancing at Lucy with a concerned look.*
Tess: Hmm.

*Tess holds a finger to her cheek in thought.*
Tess: Did something happen to her?
*Paulo begins to sit up. He glances at Lucy.*
Paulo: Man, I dunno. She’s been this way as long as I’ve been around.

Tess: Well.. she’ll rarely ever talk about herself, so how am I supposed to find out?

Mike: A-hem.. If you have a moment..
*Tess looks to Mike curiously.*
Tess: ?

*Mike stands with his arms crossed. He looks serious.*
Mike: I could tell you everything.
Tess: Mike..

*Mike holds up a finger.*
Mike: First things first, though..

*He leans over, pleading. Tears stream down his face.*

[Caption: Tess’ house]
*Mike has a big smile. He’s wearing a cozy striped scarf and holding a mug.*
Mike: Ah~ ♥

*Mike leans back in a bean bag chair, looking relaxed.*
Mike: What a comfy bean bag chair.. and this is the best cocoa ever..
*Tess sits across from him, smiling.*
Tess: Thanks! It’s homemade.

Tess: Anyway.. I’m really dying to know what made Lucy the way she is! She’s a fascinating one, that’s for sure.

*Tess waits, smiling patiently.*
*Mike relaxes with his eyes closed, smiling blissfully. He is surrounded by sparkles.*
[The words “CLOUD NINE” appear above Mike.]

*Tess leans forward and shouts.*
Tess: MIKE!!
*Mike’s eyes pop open, and he holds up a finger.*
Mike: Oh, right! Lucy.. yeah.

Author commentary

Veronica: The beginning of this comic is actually inspired by a Pchat I had with Lily where Tess threatened Paulo if he wouldn’t lay off Lucy.. it inspired me to start this chapter with them bickering similar to the Pchat. Pchats with Lily are always awesome since it gives me an opportunity to develop their personalities, especially with Tess, who I needed to get a feel of.

Tess gave Mike a scarf to borrow, by the way! It didn’t just appear out of nowhere.. he was just trembling cold so she gave him a scarf! For how long will he wear it? We’ll see..

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Reader comments

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*probably the only MikexTess supporter* >> << *flees*

Corey July 6, 2010, 4:57 PM EDT.

Comment ID #127747

Aw, Mike looks complete with a scarf.

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 9:44 AM EST.

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Yay new scarf :love:

gamergal March 5, 2011, 11:13 PM EST.

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