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Midterm Time — Page 5



*A teacher hands out a bundle of papers to Tess, who is nervously seated at her desk.*
Teacher: Remember: no phones, no talking, no calculators. You have two hours. Good luck.

*Tess apprehensively looks down and reaches for the papers.*
Tess (thinking): Okay.. The moment of truth..

*Tess flips through the test booklet.*

*Tess looks up in total surprise.*
Tess: !
Tess (thinking): I.. know all of this!!

Tess (thinking): Hell, these are much easier than the practice tests Daisy gave me!
*Tess smiles triumphantly as she begins to write.*

Tess (thinking): It’s all.. so clear to me now! I never thought I could be THIS sure of myself!
*Tess continues to diligently work on her test.*

[Caption: Meanwhile]
*Another teacher gives Daisy her exam booklet.*
Teacher: Best of luck to you all!
*Daisy smiles.*
Daisy: Thanks!

*Daisy has a self-assured grin as she begins to read.*
Daisy (thinking): Let’s get this party started!

*Daisy suddenly looks shocked and horrified.*
Daisy: ..!

*Daisy grasps her face in despair.*
Daisy (thinking): I.. I forgot to study for my own exam!!

*Daisy clutches at her face, descending into a black void.*
Daisy (thinking): The only science I can think of right now is chemistry!!

*Daisy’s body drifts limply through the void, tears streaming down her face.*
Daisy (thinking): chemical bonding.. atoms.. phases of matter.. electrons.. oxidization..

*Daisy shrinks as the darkness envelops her further.*
Daisy (thinking): carbon.. dioxide..

[Caption: After the exam]
*Mike walks beside Lucy, smiling at her.*
Mike: Think you passed, at least?
*Lucy, holding a book, scoffs.*
Lucy: Sure. It isn’t brain surgery.

*Tess rushes over, a huge smile on her face and holding up her hand in a victory sign.*
Tess: Guyyyss! I’m so happy!!
*Mike and Lucy look fearful, noticing something behind her.*
Lucy: ..!

*Tess continues to grin, unaware that Daisy, fur frizzing up, looms behind her with a death glare.*
Tess: Where’s Daisy? I really need to..

*Tess turns around with a smile.*
Tess: .. Oh!
*Daisy raises one of her hands, which reaches towards Tess like a claw.*

*Daisy, frazzled and angry, chokes Tess by the neck.*
Daisy: You ruined me..
*Lucy snickers to herself.*
Lucy: Pff.

Author commentary

Veronica: Daisy shows off a bit of her half Selkirk Rex gene.. since she got insanely curly near the end. When under stress, that tends to happen to her.. so it’s no wonder Daisy likes staying upbeat and perky!

Rain and stress — Daisy’s worst enemies. This kinda thing does appear again in the future!

Oliver: This page certainly brings back memories. Practice tests being far more savage than the real ones, yet you never dare assume they’ll go easy on you.. I remember that sense of exam-day satisfaction Tess has here.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #38362

I think Daisy in the last three panels is angrier right now than Lucy is with Paulo in Back and Forth.

Koren Korca June 6, 2010, 5:40 PM EDT.

Comment ID #72906

Raging Daisy time?

Gaka August 10, 2010, 5:14 PM EDT.

Comment ID #105913

Daisy has the look of the devil on the last three panels…
So so funny xD

Lyucs October 16, 2010, 12:05 AM EDT.

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