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[Caption: Daisy’s house]
*Daisy stands in front of her bed and raps a ruler against her hand, looking determined.*
Daisy: Okay, so let’s begin with chemistry!

[The next sequence is a montage of events.]
*Tess is pouting as she fills out a worksheet on Daisy’s desk. Daisy slaps the ruler beside her.*
Daisy: That is NOT the result of this chemical bond! Try again!

*Daisy and Tess sit cross-legged on the floor and meditate.*
Daisy: What do you think about when I say “Lebensraum”?
*Tess frowns slightly in concentration.*

*Tess sits at Daisy’s desk. Daisy points at the worksheet in front of her and frowns.*
Daisy: No no, it’s a multiplicity of two.

*Tess, now in a tracksuit, jogs outside, huffing and puffing, as Daisy jogs next to her while quizzing her.*
Daisy: Yes! And after FDR came..?

[The montage ends.]
*Daisy looks over Tess’ worksheet and smiles.*
Daisy: Ahh.. that’s looking much better..
*Tess looks relieved.*
Tess: Really?

*Daisy points her finger at Tess and smiles.*
Daisy: Your handwriting really got a lot neater!
*Tess, a little stunned, begins to sparkle with joy.*

[Caption: Lunch]
*Tess is sitting next to Mike in the cafeteria. She sips her juice box while Mike speaks to her.*
Mike: Are you worried about next week?

*Tess smiles proudly.*
Tess: Less than before! Daisy’s been totally dedicated to this tutoring thing. She’s helped a lot.

*Mike looks off into the distance.*
Mike: Yeah, she’s the sweetest tutor ever..
*Tess’ smile begins to fade.*
Tess: What?

Mike: She bakes you treats, never raises her voice, and is endlessly patient even in your worst moments..
*Mike reminisces, recalling a scene of Daisy kindly smiling at Mike as he works.*

*Tess’ mouth hangs open.*
*Mike stares blankly in return.*
Mike: What?

*Tess turns around to Daisy and screams.*
Tess: DAISY!!
*Daisy, eating a sandwich, pauses.*
Daisy: Hmm?

*Tess growls at Daisy.*
Tess: So Mike gets the luxury treatment while you’ve been dragging me through the coals? That’s not fair!
*Daisy turns to Tess, looking confused.*
Daisy: Huh?

*Daisy points at Tess, her brow furrowed.*
Daisy: I’m not being unfair! There’s a good reason for how I treat Mikie!
Tess: Oh, really?

*Daisy holds her hands to her blushing cheeks and smiles. Sparkles surround her.*
Daisy: ♥ Mikie is a very intelligent young man who only needs a little extra revision on his English work.. ♥

*Daisy sheepishly holds her clutched fingers to her mouth.*
Daisy: But I literally needed to reteach you five classes so I had no time to be nice.
*Tess sinks into despair.*

*Tess looms over Daisy and yells.*
Tess: You’re making me out to be some kind of idiot!!
*Daisy shies away from Tess.*
Daisy: Not an idiot! Just lazy.
Tess: HEY!!

Author commentary

Veronica: Daisy has favourites as a tutor, too!

I like that this chapter displays Daisy’s habit of being innocently blunt. She doesn’t really know she’s being offensive.. Daisy doesn’t mean it. She’s just being honest! What’s so offensive about honesty?

She’s a huge suck-up to people like Mike, but to everyone else Daisy is a genius who can see things in a different perspective. It’s sometimes hard to remember she’s meant to be really smart because most of the time she’s ogling and going gaga over Mike.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #151148

I love the Rockey montage in the first few panels. :P

Lastingimage March 9, 2011, 8:35 PM EST.

Comment ID #189810

Lol, Daisy is so nice that she’s actually mean. Is that even possible?

Random Internet Loser November 12, 2011, 6:20 PM EST.

Comment ID #215861

Hit the ball out of the park with that last line there. “Not an idiot, just lazy”. I always see kids as either motivated or not motivated. Never smart or dumb. It all makes sense when you think about it. Of course there is the rare occurrence of somebody gifted and full of talent and that makes them smart, but most of the time it is a matter of motivation.
Really a cool comic, very fun to read and it practically forces me to keep going!

The Guy in the Background May 6, 2012, 10:55 PM EDT.

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