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*Tess frowns.*
Tess: You might be good at math, but how can you help with all my other classes? I’m two years ahead of you!

*Tess glares as she leans in close to Daisy.*
Tess: Let me see that card.
*Daisy sweats and raises her hands defensively.*
Daisy: Ahah, Tess.. I don’t think you need to.. uh..

*Lucy holds out a piece of paper.*
Lucy: Here it is.
*Tess turns to Lucy and grins.*
Tess: Oh, thank you~!
*Daisy, blushing deeply, begins to panic.*

*Tess takes the report card and starts reading it.*
Tess: Let’s see here..
*Daisy, horrified, reaches out to her in vain.*
Daisy: WAIT

*Tess quickly becomes distraught as she reads over Daisy’s grades.*
Tess: ALL A+S?!

*Tess goes pale after noticing a simple drawing of Mike with a heart above it on Daisy’s report card.*
Tess: Um.. is that a doodle of..
*Daisy turns away and buries her face in her hands.*
Daisy: S-SHUTTUP!!

*Daisy, blushing fiercely, turns back to face Tess. Her hands are clutched to her chest.*
Daisy: Look! Do you want me to tutor you or not?!

*Tess looks uncertain.*
Tess: Well, I don’t know.. we only share that one class..
*Daisy frowns.*
Daisy: Let’s see your notes!

*Lucy throws Tess’ notebook at Daisy.*
Lucy: Here.
*Tess glares at Lucy.*
Tess: Are you just digging through other people’s stuff now?

*Tess grimaces as Daisy reads through her notes.*
Tess: Sorry if you don’t get some of the more difficult questions..

*Daisy continues to read. Tess shrugs.*
Tess: Maybe if I explain some of the novels we’ve been reading you’ll be better prepared for Junior year!

Tess: So it’s more like an equal trade. Honestly, if you can just help me with math..
*Daisy frowns as she reads further.*
Daisy: Hmm..

*Daisy closes her eyes and puts two of her fingers to her forehead.*
*Tess watches Daisy, uncertain.*
Tess: ..?

*Daisy opens her eyes, a triumphant smile on her face. A lightbulb appears above her head.*
Daisy: Ahh, it all makes sense now!
*Tess looks fed up.*
Tess: What?!

*Daisy smiles at Tess with a little hesitation.*
Daisy: It only took a while because your notes are a little messy.
*Tess huffs at Daisy, her tail puffed out.*
Tess: Excuse me?!

*Mike and Lucy watch Daisy and Tess from the other side of the lunch table. Mike is sweating slightly.*
Lucy: She can be pretty blunt about schoolwork.

*Mike glances over to Lucy.*
Mike: What I’m wondering is why she freaked out about showing her amazing report card.
*Lucy smirks.*
Lucy: Oh, it was because of the doodle of--

*Daisy, blushing with a crazed expression, rushes over and punches Lucy directly in the face.*
*Mike looks on, distraught.*
Mike: LUCY!!

Author commentary

Veronica: Lucy keeps throwing things at Tess and Daisy, just in case the page doesn’t show that clearly enough! I guess if Tess is gonna be too busy getting humiliated by Daisy, Lucy gets to at least rummage through Tess’ stuff.

It’s SO weird seeing Daisy hit Lucy, YOU GOT IT IN YOU GIRL!!!! I’m so proud!

Oliver: There’s something very cute about Mike’s confusion while Lucy was totally on the ball.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #582


Punched LUCY.

What just happened to the world?

Allyson January 31, 2010, 3:49 PM EST.

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UNIT2960 April 22, 2010, 8:24 PM EDT.

Comment ID #21613

Desperate enough to punch her? I never thought I’d see the day… O.O

Cuddle Bear May 14, 2010, 4:15 AM EDT.

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