46. New Beginnings, original chapter posted 3/16/09

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New Beginnings — Page 7

This chapter was remade for the Bittersweet Candy Bowl Omnibus. The updated version will appear on the site later.

Author commentary

Veronica: It’s pretty sad that Daisy automatically assumed Jessica and Rachel were in the same camp as Katie after Katie told Daisy to leave her alone. Daisy didn’t notice how in reality, Katie was the “third wheel” and these cool older girls wanted to hang out with Daisy instead! Daisy needs to give herself more credit.

I think Daisy also overestimates Katie’s reach. To Daisy, Katie is still an unachievable amazing popular girl. But Jessica and Rachel don’t think Katie is all that!

Oliver: It’s amazing how much difference a year makes in high school. Nothing cool about people younger than you!

Except for Daisy. What a shining star.

(I love Rachel’s “bunny boy” here btw)

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