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Author commentary

Veronica: It’s pretty sad that Abbey feels resigned to just.. fading away from everyone else.

It’s not an unreasonable feeling, Abbey was a “recent” friend compared to everyone else in the group who have mostly known each other since elementary school. And pretty much everyone has Paulo’s back, Paulo’s not going away from the group.

.. but people do have Abbey’s back as well, when it comes to friendship. Abbey understandably needs time away from Daisy AND Paulo so it’s better for him to distance himself, but at least Sue is letting him know that he won’t be alone by doing that.

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Comments from around the web

Tumblr image
A request from @urso-ebreo for Amaya. This was so much fun I never drew her before but I’m sure to draw more of her :)

Tumblr: civvithecivilian November 3, 2017

it kinda looks like it’s aching for sue to say “you’re a good person” and honestly me tf too

Tumblr: miaaa-cs November 3, 2017

I KNEW IT! THEY ARE TOTALLY GOING TO BE A THING! I think they’d be a pretty good couple. Jazzy is WAY better than Daisy (sorrydaisyfans)

Tumblr: usagi-neechan October 31, 2017

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