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    abrahams2_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy abrahams2_(Artist) (1000x1000, 405.8KB)

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    wanted to draw lucy. the 'hide' is in reference to the song i was listening to lmao (hide by little may)

    abrahams2 6 days ago.

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    Wow, what a badass. I love the glowing eyes.

    juicebot 6 days ago.

    Comment ID #79317

    Lucy: I HATE MUSTARD!!!!
    Cool drawing.

    SCD 6 days ago.

    Amaya, human, Lucy, Maia_(Artist), Rachel

    Amaya Lucy Maia_(Artist) Rachel human (950x876, 614.5KB)

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    Some human designs I drew almost a year ago (wuh?!). I also uploaded it on my tumblr already but since I wanted to post another thing kinda based on this, I thought I could put it in the booru too!

    (someone said Lucy looked like Kirino and while I can see where that might come from, I've never felt this offended before T_T I didn't aim for this resemblance at all, I'm so sorry!!!)

    Maia 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79269

    i need more what the heck this is cute

    subliminalsubs 1 week ago.

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    OH MY GOD I’M SO OFFENDED TOO, she looks nothing like that revolting anime!! >8U It didn’t copyright fangs lmao

    BUT YEAH I REMEMBER THIS AND I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I love that you gave her a baggy white sweater and put her ribbon on her ears as earrings!! Amaya is just.. absolutely perfect. I can’t think of anything better.

    I love the spunky Rachel and the way you stylised her hair ;____; Your human designs are so gooddddd!!

    Taeshi 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79271

    funfact my parents saw this picture posted on facebook ages ago and they wouldn’t stop fangirling about it lmao

    Taeshi 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79273

    Oh my gosh Taeshi, thank you so so much! T___T this really means a lot. and OMG, your parents really did??? that's so nice to hear lol, I'm so happy you all like them!! and also @subliminalsubs, these characters are just way too fun to interpret, I hope I get to draw many more in the future aaaaaah-

    Maia 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79278

    OMG I saw this on tumblr and NOW I CAN GUSH ABOUT IT HERE!? I love how cute the human versions are and the earring idea is so good.... it's just amazing, dude #^_^# your art is freaking adorable

    sherbery 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79279

    Ahhh these are so great I love ur interpretations!!! They're so cute. I love how u handled rachel's hair!!! If anything Lucy reminds me more of panty (at least in style) rather than kimono. Lucy's outfit is so perfect tho ahhh

    invisibleColoration 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79288

    Asfgh thanks you two!! To @invisibleColoration I'm much more okay with Panty lol :D I'm happy a lot of people seem to like the clothes, in my head Lucy prefers comfy clothes while still rocking them pretty/cool.

    Maia 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79292

    More lovely stuff Maia

    Rateus 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79310

    Woow! Do you have the old one you posted? I'd like to see it!!
    Amazing job, can't stop fangirling <3
    Also, I'd actually wear Lucy's outfit >O< Can I have it

    TravelPastel 6 days ago.

    Akacatgirl_(Artist), Lucy

    Akacatgirl_(Artist) Lucy (1000x1144, 888.5KB)

    Comment ID #79204

    Lucy if she was a member of the Baker family from Resident Evil 7.
    Cool drawing.

    SCD 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79208

    Sorry about taking ages to delete your previous version!! I saw the comment and was like "oh okay I'll delete the image then :D" and for a while I was confused because it was still there? So I assumed I deleted another image that wanted to be deleted

    Until I realised I deleted your COMMENT asking to be deleted and not the image I'M SO DUMB I'M SORRY

    I love how this turned out!! I love the maniacal expression and the hearts on her eyes! The blood on her finger is a really nice touch!

    Taeshi 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79300

    I love lucy

    invisibleColoration 1 week ago.

    Daisy, Icy_Blue_(Artist), Lucy, LucyxDaisy

    Daisy Icy_Blue_(Artist) Lucy LucyxDaisy (960x1045, 236.0KB)

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    she protec
    but she also attac

    Icy_Blue 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #79200

    Lovely! No one will hurt this cherub :-D

    Rateus 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79294

    meant to comment earlier but ahHHHH I LOVE THIS *__* i like your style a lot

    kit 1 week ago.

    Augustus, Lucy, Teruko_(Artist)

    Augustus Lucy Teruko_(Artist) (1467x960, 410.3KB)

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    Thinking about that Daisy plush. Based on the scene in "Rehearsal".

    Teruko 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79226

    I want one, then ill have all 4

    Indycoyote 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79232

    I love Lucy going blank-faced instead of looking surprised like her brother in the original sequence hahahahaha, this is such a good rendition of that scene

    Last panel Lucy is a great touch!

    Taeshi 1 week ago.

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    Rateus 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79237

    He probably has a shrine dedicated to Daisy hidden somewhere in his room.
    Cool comic.

    SCD 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79245

    i feel blessed

    kenketsu 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79246

    Incredibly cute!

    jeroenhd 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79275

    pure fanart of August makes my soul heal... this is way too adorable Teruko! also that "heh", I love it

    Maia 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79293

    Thank you everyone! #^_^#

    Teruko 1 week ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, Lucy, Moonybadger_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Moonybadger_(Artist) (1347x1277, 347.2KB)

    Comment ID #79258

    Thought I'd experiment a little on style! I'm not sure what you'd even call this, Noir AU?

    I mostly like how Augustus's face came out :O

    Moonybadger 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79259

    I like I like

    PepeLePew 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79260

    Cool drawing.

    SCD 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79262

    Sin city au.

    Sunner 1 week ago.

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    Juan_Pablo 1 week ago.

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    Hallo, new desktop wallpaper <3

    TravelPastel 1 week ago.

    AbbeyxDaisy, AugustusxLucy, Dovewing_(Artist), kittens

    AbbeyxDaisy AugustusxLucy Dovewing_(Artist) kittens (918x781, 45.3KB)

    Comment ID #79252

    My stab at some kittens! I'm not too happy with Dean (AbbeyxDaisy) :(
    But at least Sophia looks ok! :D

    Dovewing 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79266

    Sophia, what an interesting name for that kitten!
    Nice job!

    TravelPastel 1 week ago.

    Daisy, garb_(Artist)

    Daisy garb_(Artist) (361x540, 134.4KB)

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    I'm really glad that you're alright garb, me and everyone here were very worried about you. I'm also really glad that my comment along with the comments from everyone else from your previous drawing helped you as well. Everything will get better, I promise.
    Great drawing.

    SCD 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78921

    Garb, you don't know how much it means to me that you posted this and you're alive to tell the story <3
    Seriously, you're an inspiration to me garb, thanks for sharing~
    You always have your family here on the 'Booru ^O^

    Also, this drawing really came to my heart. Thank You.

    TravelPastel 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78929

    GARB!! Im so happy you're alive! welcome back to booru <3

    Raku 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78930

    Garb, I'm sorry I didn't say anything on the earlier post. I didn't know what to say that wouldn't just make things worse. But I was worried, and I'm glad to see you're okay.

    Giraffeics 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78932

    Oh thank God, Garb-!!
    I'm so, so glad to see yoh alive!
    It's okay that you needed help, I'm so thankful it wasn't too late. It's great to know you're recovering, we all love you here~♡!!

    Yaschiri 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78938

    I'm glad you're alive. People need to stick together, even if they're complete internet strangers. One of the most horrid things that depression can do to you is make you feel alone when you're not. Depressive thoughts tend to be irrational and manipulative.
    Also, don't you dare apologize. You're no less the victim than the people who care about you. Depression and anxiety are horrible things to experience. It's good to hear that you're getting medical attention and other help to combat them. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

    juicebot 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78947

    i've never even talked to you, garb, but i've been thinking about your last post this whole time and im so so glad you're okay. everyone missed you while you were gone and we're all very happy to have you back!

    kleine 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #78994

    Ah thank god garb!! I follow u on tumblr & i wasn't sure what to say when saw your posts, but im so so glad you're doing better! Everyone is glad you're back, and we're all rooting for you & your happiness.

    invisibleColoration 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #79000

    !!!!! ik we don't really talk ever but i checked ur booru account and tumblr everyday waiting for a post or smth!!! so glad ur ok garb

    sadboy 3 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #79264

    glad to hear you're ok.
    only now saw it unfortunately, but it's good to have you back =)

    Jappo 1 week ago.

    comic, Dovewing_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Sandy

    Dovewing_(Artist) Lucy Mike Sandy comic (1080x4832, 145.8KB)

    Comment ID #79220

    HI I'm Milo and I love A N G S T
    anyway sorry about the quality! I'm at school and thus only had a mouse and MS paint to work with :/ But I made it work , I think ! Anyway, Hope ya'll like it! :D :D

    Dovewing 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79224

    Everything you touch surely dies

    AT 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79228

    You draw better with mouse and MSPaint than I'd do with my hand and a pencil.
    What song is it, anyway?

    Interamna 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79230

    @interamma "Let her go" by passenger ;)

    Dovewing 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79231


    Jappo 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79240

    really like this paired with the song.

    FluffyMoth 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79248

    Wow, this is your mouse-work? It's still pretty good!
    Your mouse-paining is still better than my actual drawing skills, well done >O<

    TravelPastel 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79253

    holy wow this gave me chills

    SoulyCat 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79263

    Mike's expression on the 4th panel is when you win the lottery

    Badalai 1 week ago.

    askstarstruck_(Artist), Daisy, Mike, parody

    Daisy Mike askstarstruck_(Artist) parody (1355x1655, 428.4KB)

    Comment ID #79254

    Ooooh- U mad mike.
    Anyways I wanted to do some kind of war AU cats vs dogs.
    I know daisy wouldn't be a general but I drew her anyways.

    askstarstruck 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #79261

    The tide changed when Mike chased Lucy to the dog side...

    Shade 1 week ago.

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