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    Lucy, Mike, ToxicTime_(Artist)

    Lucy Mike ToxicTime_(Artist) (600x400, 91.8KB)

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    sorry its so stupid i rushed :unsure:
    and i do like mike its just that hes being a nut Mad Lucy

    ToxicTime 5 years ago.

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    Poor Lucy, all she really just wanted was to have a sense of power over Mike because he was so easy to take advantage of. :(

    Viking 5 years ago.

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    Even though I do ship them, Lucy WAS a jerk to Mike. I get why she was, because she was shy and she liked him and she considered him as her only friend, etc. But Mike had a good reason to hate her for that, especially if he could have a nicer girlfriend who really loves him. :O

    millymaculo 5 years ago.

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    I agree with millymaculo.

    Furball 5 years ago.

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    I agree to an extent. Mike has a right to his anger at Lucy after her treatment of him since early childhood. He has a right to be happy with the girl who loves him and expresses it in a way that shows her appreciation.

    But all the same what he did to Lucy was WRONG. In every sense of the word. He could have gone about what he did in an entirely different way. But he didn't. He flipped on her in a complete 180 after his text from Sandy. He didn't stop at telling her he didn't want to be friend.

    He was her closest friend for a long time. He knew her weakest points. And he targeted them. He hit her in every place that he knew it hurts and he kept hitting. He emotionally destroyed her in the cruelest and most symptomatic of ways.

    It was sickening. And he had no right to do that to her, regardless of her treatment of him.

    Skykittykat 5 years ago.

    Mike, Wildphyre-Pyro_(Artist)

    Mike Wildphyre-Pyro_(Artist) (500x700, 370.9KB)

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    I doodled the sketch in the car, and started painting it and stuff, and finished it at home owo
    I worked really hard on it, it took a long time >w>

    Also im MUCH better at painting now : D

    Wildphyre-Pyro 5 years ago.

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    I REALLY like this. <3<3

    Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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    Thank you! <3

    Wildphyre-Pyro 5 years ago.

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    Another happy picture. Thank you for that.

    Geist 5 years ago.

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    Thank you and you're welcome! <3

    Wildphyre-Pyro 5 years ago.

    Stofu_(Artist), Tess

    Stofu_(Artist) Tess (650x907, 109.9KB)

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    Can't help but see a drunken rape face...

    Blue_Sly 5 years ago.

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    Heh.. Who needs sleep anyway? ;_; Tess why you so scary?

    CorCaz 5 years ago.

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    um you forgot about her tail piercings.. other than that it looks alright.

    Kyla 5 years ago.

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    Stofu 5 years ago.

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    Haha! This looks awesome! I really like how her face came out and woowwow her pose is great! B)

    Box 5 years ago.

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    Stofu you're not the only one that has forgotten to add the piercings on her tail. but I think Taeshi or Suit Case wouldn't mind, but look through your painting to see if there's any thing else that you might of missed.

    Kyla 5 years ago.

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    well I meant to look through this one. I kinda wish there was an "Edit" button so I can correct what I posted.

    Kyla 5 years ago.

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    ah I had a few refs up of her when I drew her, it's only the tail piercings I forgot because most of the comic doesn't have her flailing it around aha u.u

    Stofu 5 years ago.

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    true, there isn't a lot of full bodies to see some times.

    Kyla 5 years ago.

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    TessxBooze otp

    Stofu 5 years ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, DafninhaM_(Artist), Lucy

    Augustus AugustusxLucy DafninhaM_(Artist) Lucy (376x509, 348.5KB)

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    noodle-arms, noodle-arms everywhere! (love teh kitty versions!)

    DLancer 6 years ago.

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    I love the one in the bottom left corner- They stole the accessories of their affections XD

    Darecrow 5 years ago.

    Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, rubberducky_(Artist)

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy rubberducky_(Artist) (738x597, 312.0KB)

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    Bored sketch turned into a messy one-layer speedpainting session. I honestly pair Lucy with everyone under the sun but this is probably my favourite and the one I hope works out.

    rubberducky 5 years ago.

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    Awwweee! This is so cuuuuttteee! <3

    Jocelynn1112 5 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Jessica, Lucy, Yashy

    Gnukko_(Artist) Jessica Lucy Yashy (668x688, 445.4KB)

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    I love Yashy in the corner, damn.

    Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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    Furball 5 years ago.

    Gnukko_(Artist), Lucy

    Gnukko_(Artist) Lucy (668x705, 496.9KB)

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    I couldn't have asked for better.

    Mr_Klaus 5 years ago.

    Lucy, Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist)

    Lucy Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist) (480x640, 195.9KB)

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    This is beautiful and her eyes and tears are gorgeous and heart breaking. I'm wondering what's happening here though?

    Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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    What's happening? Well the utter skin tightness of the bow around the neck and the actual bow wings being located at that slightly higher point could be a sign of her bow being nailed to the wooden planks in the background, choking her with the weight of her body suspended dangling around.

    Geist 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #56105

    Well darn, that escalated quickly.
    She's just crying and uh, standing? And those aren't wooden planks, it's just a cruddy background. :U This drawing was meant to be seen in 3D, so.
    Oh, and thank you Yaschiri! :3

    Pocket-Monster-1994 5 years ago.

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    Geist: Is that a fetish or something? :U

    Pocket: Most welcome. <3

    Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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    It's not like you should draw a happy lucy or anything.

    bluefox 5 years ago.

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    Nah, not a fetish or anything. She just looks a bit shocked/stressed and her bow just has an odd angle, but thing is she's all crying and looks uncomfortable without much context.
    Like >>7305 , crying, holding her hand, just begged for a joke, but it's not a joke if I have to explain it, so I guess I fail at humor.

    Geist 5 years ago.

    JAW121_(Artist), Paulo

    JAW121_(Artist) Paulo (796x727, 260.9KB)

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    I expected this to be animated.

    Migrant 5 years ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Ribbon_(Artist), Sandy

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo PauloxLucy Ribbon_(Artist) Sandy (900x2000, 1.2MB)

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    I got bored so I doodled some BCB stuff ..
    excuse my horrible handwriting :c Lucy is saying "Want one? My treat." to Mike. It's supposed to be an instance where she is being sweet and they are kids dfjgnmfg

    Ribbon 6 years ago.

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    B'AAAAAAAaaaaaaawwwww this gave me diabetes

    isabelle 6 years ago.

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    Shannon 6 years ago.

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    You can't call them doodles if they're THIS good! ;) I've tried drawing on my computer many times, but I never could. :/ It sucks though because when you can draw on a computer well, the colors and texture look amazing! :P Keep making your awesome pictures! 8-)

    millymaculo 6 years ago.

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    Jocelynn1112 5 years ago.

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