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    AnimatedBunny_(Artist), Lucy

    AnimatedBunny_(Artist) Lucy (687x972, 441.8KB)

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    You got a Piece of Heart!
    Collect four pieces in total to get another Michael!

    Anialator 5 years ago.

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    Mikanime 5 years ago.

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    I feel there is no comment that could top Anialator's.

    DLancer 5 years ago.

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    I really like this, but the expression just doesn't fit for me. It looks a bit too trippy and cutesy as opposed to desperate and determined.

    meeps114 5 years ago.

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    the yellows and blues <3

    isabelle 5 years ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Augustus, BCB_Art_Meme, Daisy, David, human, Lucy, Mikanime_(Artist), Mike, MikexLucy, MikexSandy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, PauloxTess, Sandy, Tess

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Daisy David Lucy Mikanime_(Artist) Mike MikexLucy MikexSandy Paulo PauloxLucy PauloxTess Sandy Tess human (719x5406, 930.3KB)

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    your meme is compliant

    SpaceMouse 5 years ago.

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    Agree with you on 11. I was so mad that I want to write a counter review about how BCB is not that horrible as they make it out to be. Mad Lucy Yes, there are mistakes and it's not perfect, but they really need to actually critque it instead of being offensive about it.

    Also, with 10, that's what I want happening as well. :)

    MittieJane 5 years ago.

    Howerz_(Artist), Sandy

    Howerz_(Artist) Sandy (800x600, 337.8KB)

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    Very abstract.

    SuitCase 5 years ago.

    Daisy, Lucy, LucyxSandyxDaisyxSue, Mike, polyamory, Rachelvang_(Artist), Sandy, Sue

    Daisy Lucy LucyxSandyxDaisyxSue Mike Rachelvang_(Artist) Sandy Sue polyamory (800x600, 188.6KB)

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    Anonymous #1 6 years ago.

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    Taehi, Lucy's legs were bent

    Anonymous #2 6 years ago.

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    Step 1: Draw sexual situation.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit.

    Anialator 6 years ago.

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    step 2 is sell to furries on fa.

    Anonymous #3 6 years ago.

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    my nose is so so bloody... i got in a fight with my friends Rottweiler yup severed my nose clean in two... then i saw this and now, now it's really badly bleeding

    Anonymous #4 6 years ago.

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    And then he tells them all to get out, as he is tired and needs to rest.

    OneLonelyPickle 6 years ago.

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    This has my seal of approval.

    Anonymous #5 6 years ago.

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    You wish.

    Anonymous #6 6 years ago.

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    Three questions: Where's Mike's nose-bleed, where's Paulo, and where's the Mormon?

    NintendoSegaSonyGuy 6 years ago.

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    What I'd give to be in the middle of that ;)
    Oh god the blood beard has erupted

    IDog 5 years ago.

    Box_(Artist), Rachel

    Box_(Artist) Rachel (500x500, 108.0KB)

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    " Yes,Jessica it's here?"


    Mil_Faces 5 years ago.

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    dat Racheeeeel

    Lisa 5 years ago.

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    Mr_Klaus 5 years ago.

    Box_(Artist), Sandy

    Box_(Artist) Sandy (500x500, 103.8KB)

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    I'm dead.

    Causa Mortis: heart attack by cuteness of this drawning

    Mil_Faces 5 years ago.

    Box_(Artist), Stacy

    Box_(Artist) Stacy (500x500, 405.6KB)

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    Nice to get a little more Stacy fanart... :D

    NintendoSegaSonyGuy 5 years ago.

    Augustus, BCB_Art_Meme, Jasmine, jpark17_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Sandy

    Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Jasmine Lucy Mike Paulo Sandy jpark17_(Artist) (720x5406, 1.8MB)

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    If you don't remember, the last-panel girl is the made on the spot fan character from the last meme I did here.

    jpark17 5 years ago.

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    WOAH! no comment's yet? Well, I guess I'm first... I should say some thing cool ... ummm
    i-I LIKE CHEESE!!!

    Shannon 5 years ago.

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    cannot unsee you as Lucy [human]

    DLancer 5 years ago.

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    Why do I always imagine Yashy as a Peep in this? XD

    Metsane 5 years ago.

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    I really love your style- it's kind of like.. calming XD The way you draw your faces makes it look very pleasant. You also draw very good hair :3 I love how you drew Yashy btw- keep up the awesome work :DDD

    FancyLlama 5 years ago.

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    Dat style, I really love it!

    Oso-De-Clare 5 years ago.

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    Wow, I come back, and I am like, 'damn, how do their necks hold their head?'.

    jpark17 5 years ago.

    Link4565_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Sandy

    Link4565_(Artist) Lucy Mike Sandy (808x753, 1000.7KB)

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    Another picture by me. Sorry all the white it makes me angry! Furious Abbey The pink and blue things are Lucy's and Sandy's ribbons.

    Link4565 5 years ago.

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    on the scanner setting when you are scanning it, you can crop what you want to get rid of all of the white.

    Kyla 5 years ago.

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    what Kyla said, or you open it in MSPaint, mark the actual picture and crop it c:

    Lisa 5 years ago.

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    Thanks! 8-D

    Link4565 5 years ago.

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    This is a very cool concept... You could work on your heads a little bit though

    diFAdam 5 years ago.

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    hahaha, awww, this is cute

    isabelle 5 years ago.

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    They stare into my soul.

    Anialator 5 years ago.

    Link4565_(Artist), Mike

    Link4565_(Artist) Mike (850x1169, 77.4KB)

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    okay I have a lot to say. :unsure:
    1. this is the first art I have done in awhile
    2. I can't draw at all on a computer
    3. I am new so to all you artists out there sup
    4. and finally Mike is my favorite character.
    Also if you have any tips for me feel free to post I could always use tips! And thats it. 8-)

    Link4565 5 years ago.

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    This is so adorable.

    Oso-De-Clare 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #48686

    Tip 1: Learn to crop images (remove white space), please.

    Yeah it's pretty cute, as a beginning artist, that you would have drawn this, and it's great you're willing to accept criticism to improve. Try and get a lot of practice drawing people in different positions and compare to photos or real life. Study the anatomy to get a good feel of proportions. There's heaps of books, tutorials, youtube videos and classes that can help a beginning artist how to draw human shapes.

    Migrant 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #48701

    Here are some br0tips on how to get better in not such a big time:

    first: When you want to draw something big that came up in your mind and want it to get on paper as good as possible, sketch first. you´ll think at first, how can something like this get better? Well, that´s the part where you better get a pen which is like an felt-tip in black. You can choose what you want but I prefer to mace it good the first time to use it. so, you see your sketch and want to start already. BUT DON`T because you´ll might at first try the sketchy looking lines which makes it look very bad (might depend what you´re drawing). So make it look smooth. take it slow. You have much time on something like this unless you got so much work like an teacher in high school.
    After you´re done, erase the lines you made of scan it on a scanner and edit it in Photoshop or something. Gimp and Paint.NET are fine too if you know how to use it.
    Alright time for the color bucket. choose the color and fill the white spaces. Is there an an hole on the line just choose the color of the lines and close the hole with an fitting brush. Save the picture (to loose nothing) and start trying to shade it. I´m on myself not really shade but you can google around and find ways to shade in a easy and good looking way. If you´re happy with the results just save and upload where you want it.

    Tl;dr use google on how to draw.

    plaster 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #48708

    Square shoulders are square. You should try to draw the scarf more.... flowing I guess? A quick glance at Mike in the comic can show how the folds in the scarf look.

    Anialator 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #48720

    Thank you for the advice Migrant, Plaster, and Anialator I shall use it wisely. 8-D

    Link4565 5 years ago.

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    It was a pleasure to do that!

    plaster 5 years ago.

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