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freehand brush pen doodles feat. sad Lucy and the kittens/puppy UvU

at first I was drawing the ones I thought would be canon and then it turned into this :P !! why are all of the baby designs so cute ;_;

choco 6 years ago.

Comment ID #67798

Are you using copics for the colouring? Because it’s so lovely, especially on Lucy’s hair. It’s absolutely gorgeous ;__;

The babies are so cute as well!! I kinda like the MikexSandy baby hanging with the MikexLucy baby, PRETTY AWKWARD, and oh my god I love how you did the PauloxLucy baby. Lookin real neato like his pop ALSO PAULOXDAISY AWWWW such a happy cute face

these are all great 10/10 would babby again

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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I did! Although I have limited colors so I sort of experiment with them with bcb fanart eheh!! Thank you so much, it means a lot ;___;

ME TOO I was like "so cute, too bad they'd never hang out but they're so cute together I think..!! Step sisters bawww"

WHEEHEE I love the PauloxDaisy kitty *__* so frickin cute and fluffy!!!

Thank you Taeeeee <3 me too hehe

choco 6 years ago.