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Candybooru image #11529, tagged with Draw_Stream Lucy Paulo Taeshi_(Artist)


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So that's where Lucy is, she's living on her family's private island.

SCD 2 years ago.

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I wouldn't call it head canon, but some part of me would like to think that Lucy is off having adventures while all the drama is unfolding in Roseville. While Mike is being a whiny bitch and Polo is being a gay, Lucy is off seeing the Arc du Triumph or scuba diving or some ****, enjoying her life untethered :O

KTensch 2 years ago.

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love the sonic ova homage :D

Tiptuk 2 years ago.

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When everyone immediately knew the reference during the first sketch

Colada 2 years ago.

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love this, lucy is waaaaaaaay past cool, STAAAANGE ISN'T IT?!

undeadboll 2 years ago.