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So. I love Sandy. She’s a great character. YES she has flaws, but Imma gush about her for a little bit anyway. HERE COMES THE RAMBLING!!

Her mother dominates her life. Her career dominates her life. Geez, Sandy didn’t have much of a childhood and grew up a little too fast, I feel. She takes things pretty seriously, and doesn’t have time to do typical kid stuff like play video games or well..just anything that doesn’t have to do with modeling. She’s constantly flitting across the world and building her career that was probably a little forced onto her, especially in the earlier years of it. It’s cool NOW that she enjoys it and that it is her passion and sees advancement in it (In Model Girlfriend), but I’m still a little worried about her.

School obviously wasn’t her thing, and Mike (unwittingly) intimidates her, intellectual wise. She’s used to an environment where her skills are useful and she feels like others can depend on her, while in her earlier years she depended on others a lot (like Mike with tutoring) I noticed that she’s also pretty messy, and can be unorganized, as evidence in Model Girlfriend where she sees Mikes clean room and is impressed while her own is messy with clothes everywhere.

Her career is definitely a HUGE part of her life. It is her priority. That being said, I can see why she (unwittingly?) puts Mike on a back burner a lot when it comes to texts/calls/general communication because modeling and traveling takes up a lot of her time and energy and probably crazy as hell. I’m sure there are plenty of times she could have contacted him inbetween shoots/airplane rides/meals but… Shes obviously very secure of her part in the world and I can see where her obliviousness comes from.

As for her mother...In Just Beautiful Sandy couldn’t even put a BOW in her hair for a few minutes before her mother demands she take it off. When Sandy and Mike were chatting with each other in the same chapter she was constantly on her phone, obviously doing career stuff. She probably can’t make a trip JUST to see Mike because her parents would probably flip their shizzle over lost time and money over it, even if it is something personally important to her. So i don’t see it as a matter of “SHE ONLY VISITS WHEN CONVENIENT FOR HER”, but its really the only time she CAN visit when it is ‘convenient” and doesnt push the boundaries of her parents. As far as they are concerned, her career comes first.

Also, in Model Girlfriend it is mentioned that her father puts a limit on her money spending which is weird to me because with all the work she is doing I’m pretty sure she’s making herself some dough. But then again she probably overspends too but it just puts another nail in the “domineering parents’ coffin to me anyway. In Model Girlfriend Mike mentioned a dancing game that can also be played at home and Sandy thinks about asking her mom if she knows the game. So to me Sandy obviously depends on her parents quite a bit for anything outside the realm of ‘modeling’. It’s sad to me.

I really hope that one day we’ll have more Sandy-centric chapters (even if its BCI) because she really is a pretty cool character and I’d love to see her on one of her adventures and her point of view of their relationship. (B-B-B-BONUS if she stands up to her parents, defending Mike) She’s a pretty cool kid with a strong moral compass, she’s just pretty sheltered, oblivious, career driven, and domineered at the moment, I feel. =)

esinololly 4 years ago.

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Amen. I feel sorry for Sandy...T_T

MaronaPossessed 4 years ago.

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Dude u rock.

Sunner 4 years ago.

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Mumblingforever 4 years ago.

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I agree with your insight on Sandy. I feel really bad for her now >.< I knew her mom was pretty bossy and her career took up lots of her time but what you said really emphasises that ^^ Also I love this cool drawing!

faune 4 years ago.

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You should have had strings on Sandy's fingers that are controlling Mike, like some strange hierarchy of manipulation. With strings on Mikes finger, where each finger is controlling figurines of his friends, with Lucy's figurine off to the side with the string cut.

That would be so deep...

But! I like this nonetheless! Excellent artwork, Lolly! ;)

Kinroth 4 years ago.

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This should be the theme song for Sandy's mom:
Neat drawing.

SCD 4 years ago.

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Sandy was the sweetest kindest most attentive thing when she was a kid and the impact of her mother kind of sucking the fun out of her life is showing its face more and more every time Sandy gets screen time. I would love for her to have her own personal development aside from the one that's been forced unto her by her mum because Sandy never got to be independent, and while she loves her modelling career because it's her being independent and talented, it's exactly what her mum wanted and!! It's not fair!! I'm biased as all hell but all in all I strongly and loudly agree with you

JayGamer 4 years ago.

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I would also like to know more about Sandy. This is amazing esinololly! You've made me think more about Sandy, thanks for that!

TravelPastel 4 years ago.

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Whats BCI?

Justin-Wells 4 years ago.

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So I just looked up a few things on California law to see something. Here's what I found out:

While it is not considered abuse to put a limit on Sandy's spending because she is a minor according to her state's law and her mother has legal guardianship, there are conditions.

First, it has to be in an account under both Sandy's name and one of her parents with both having to authorize any transaction or withdrawal. This also means Sandy having to ask is nit only allowed, it's legally enforced. The account also has to be specifically set up as "Minor Savings". Had this myself when I was a minor. Can't touch anything without being cosigned by a guardian. One of the reasons for this is, if a minor goes into debt, the law can go after whoever is their legal guardian(s). So if Sandy goes over, the whole family gets hit with that debt.

It also turns out banks in the US HAVE to do this for minors by law. In fact I wasn't even allowed to open a savings account without my father cosigning it, and couldn't take things out on my own without his authorization.

Here's the thing. While Sandy can't touch it without it being authorized by whichever guardian cosigned, that guardian can't touch it at all. As far as the bank is concerned, that guardian isn't the owner of the money even though their name is on the account. They just give the go-ahead. It isn't treated like joint ownership like marriage can be.

And it also turns out, the instant Sandy turns 18, the legal age in her state, the bank account becomes a regular account, and her guardian's name is no longer attached to it. Which means Sandy could do whatever she wanted.

Now here's the thing we have to consider. While this does mean her mother can't touch it unless Sandy herself initiates it and then it gets authorized, considering the intimidation her mother uses, there's a possibility Sandy could be coerced into buying something for her mother with that money and it would be considered authorized by both.

And we see those exact intimidation and bait-and-switch tactics used by Sandy toward Mike. Whether this classifies as abuse toward Mike is not the issue at hand here. It's something else.

Sandy did not use these tactics at all earlier on, but used them almost exclusively later. That means she had to have learned it. Since her career cuts her off socially from most people, with basically only her mother to speak to, to the point that she might not be ignoring Mike by choice at all, the only person would have been her mother.

kamimatsu 4 years ago.