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Candybooru image #12777, tagged with JayGamer_(Artist) Lucy Sandy


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criticism is appreciated!

JayGamer 3 years ago.

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i dont think theres rly anything wrong w it considering the style and stuff. very cute!

if i had to nitpick i would tell u to push the poses a little more and make sandy lighter, shes gray enough that i mistook her for a genderbent mike

anyways wow good picture! **** u u did good!

SOUP 3 years ago.

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Lucy and Sandy as shinies.
Cool drawing.

SCD 3 years ago.

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it's really good and cute! what soup said about pushing the poses more, and maybe practice fabric shapes/shading more--the scarf fabric around sandy's neck vs the fabric falling behind her look like they are of a different quality and weight. i guess another way to say it would be consistency of fabrics around different shapes? anyways, good job!

irreverses 3 years ago.

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damn this is gorgeous

ChewySmokey 3 years ago.

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i think the style looks really cute! i love it! especially sandy's eyes. they're so bright! i think i really like how you made the proportions for her face.
hmmm yeah i'd have to agree with soup, i'm not sure how cartoony you'd want to make your work but you could try to push the line of action for the poses? i think sandy's balance looks a little off- like it looks like she can potentially fall over? i'd probably rotate her head and her left leg.
but anyways! i really like this! it looks really good!

Box 3 years ago.

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TravelPastel 3 years ago.

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Is that a Lucy "I don't like you" or a Lucy "I don't like that I like you" ? Can you ever tell with Lucy?!?

Rateus 3 years ago.

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thanks everyone for the kind words and constructive criticism! so the general take away is: more lively and balanced poses (i tend to be pretty strict with posing because i try to avoid overemphasizing personality traits, *but* i'm sure there's a way i can make characters look more lively without making them unrealistic! i'll research and practice more in general), not be so scared of bright colours (jfc she does look like mike...), and fabric consistency. good to hear people like the style though!

JayGamer 3 years ago.

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wow, i love the subtle shading in this, feels kinda semi-lineless <3

Terry 3 years ago.

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Loved this so much it's been my phone lock and home screen. Especially like they're facial expressions, it's so good!

ChewySmokey 3 years ago.

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Wow I just looked through all of your art ( I love your style) all the way back to the beginning and I must say you have improved SO MUCH. watching someone grow as an artist is the best because it gives hope to those of us who are still kinda early in the process. Do you have a tumblr I could follow?

Civvi 3 years ago.

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Oh man, that's such a sweet thing to say, thank you Civvi! I do have a tumblr, if you wanna look (I forgot to add it to the source like I usually do haha):

JayGamer 3 years ago.