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Candybooru image #13363, tagged with Fashion_Contest Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist) Sandy


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One last quick entry (I'm pretty terrible at designing outfits and Abbey's seemed way too bland/simple QvQ)

Sorry for the sloppiness, it's 3am here TTuTT)/ goodnight booru

Pocket-Monster-1994 3 years ago.

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Off with their heads!

Wait, wrong series... or is it?

Those spikes on her shoes look utterly painful. Please don't be a kicker. D:

I like the shading for the card-skirt.. skard. It's pretty.

Kinroth 3 years ago.

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EHH??! I LOVED THE ABBEY ONE!! It was simple in the most intricate way :v His backpack clock and shoes are quite creative.

This design is amazing as well! I love her pose.
Good work!

TravelPastel 3 years ago.

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Cool outfit, it has that Las Vegas showgirl look to it.
Awesome drawing.

SCD 3 years ago.

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Those boots!

Rateus 3 years ago.

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ohhhh!!!! oh!!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE this!! I love the card cape, especially, and the roses are such a good detail!!! :D

slowivy 3 years ago.

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Oh gosh!! Q///Q Thanks so much everyone for the kind words!!

@Kinroth your comment made me laugh xD is it awful the first thing that popped in my head was her kicking Mike?

@TravelPastel aa thank you QvQ I guess seeing everyone else's amazing entries made me wanna be more creative

Pocket-Monster-1994 3 years ago.