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Candybooru image #14541, tagged with Abbey Abraham Charlotte Courtney Daisy Paulo kenketsu_(Artist)


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the monster was just a boy after all

kenketsu 6 days ago.

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holy shit! never stop surprising us with good shit, kenketsu

SuitCase 6 days ago.

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Oh my goodness this is INCREDIBLEEEEEEEEEE KCJGHDFKCGFDHGKDF just sitting in awe at your expressions and composition and sdkfdskghdfkgdg THIS HITS REALLY HARD

Gives me such chills and also such sadness, amazing work ;___;

Taeshi 6 days ago.

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The Tiger-Horse appears in your thoughts. It'll drown you in darkness if you leave it.

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This is so good, I'm so glad you made this. It really highlights a lot of fantastic parallels in the comic that explain so much about Abbey and how his perception works. You use just the right amount of red for a dramatic effect, too. I love Abbey and I love Paulo and I love your art.

juicebot 6 days ago.

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I love this with every fiber of my being.

Alamoraine 5 days ago.

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holy shit this is so good. woah.... ;___;

Maevans 5 days ago.

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this is literally making me cry. the pacing, the parallels, the composition... all absolutely superb

bramblepaws 3 days ago.