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Candybooru image #6905, tagged with Augustus AugustusxDaisy Daisy Pirari_(Artist) human


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Darn you, strategically placed dress!
I actually quite enjoy this one if I hadn't butchered some of the composition with the background. I even enjoyed drawing it, which is great! Lately I've been feeling down.
Anyway, Taskeshi's wise words of 'practice from realism at least 15 minutes a day (paraphrased) has now helped me in the art of drawing backs.
Don't laugh I always sucked
I always over-complicated it but its a lot easier than i thought it would be!!
I loved drawing Daisy's legs, fkjajkf cutie. And Augy's so cute too wahhh
I hope this is actual improvement and not me being a hormonal teenager

Pirari 9 years ago.

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;A; I am jealous of your style it is amazingly cute...
I can't wait to see more <3

Mightyena 9 years ago.

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Don't be, art i like only happens once on a blue moon. D:
thank you though <3 and trust me, I still have an infinite amount of more things I want to draw in my head. :D

Pirari 9 years ago.

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This is adorbs ahhh ;___; great work, augustus x daisy always takes the cake for me!

flara 9 years ago.

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thank you <3
I actually drew this because of what you said, I was more in a Lucy Augustus kind of mood but you mentioned it and since youre always so nice i thought why not

now im laughing at how hard i butchered taeshi's name omg why cant we edit our posts

Pirari 9 years ago.

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Pirari 9 years ago.

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Taskeshi's castle

SuitCase 9 years ago.

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I love your style. I need more. Plz. Right Now. Yes?

PotterHead_jelly_bean 9 years ago.

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I'm actually working on the BCB meme right now. C: It's very fun and yeah, there's a ton of my drawings!
Thanks for commenting, I take that as a compliment :D

Pirari 9 years ago.

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i adore you and your art and everything omg you're perfect ok

make more art

serenatea 9 years ago.