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So this is a this little thing that I've been working on recently, and it's - you guessed it! - a Bittersweet Candy Bowl sim-thing.
It takes inspiration from the Persona 4 Social Link system, as well as the Ace Attorney visual novel style.
The plan is for this to end up being a first-person version of the current story, starting from the first day of high school, with large amounts of branching stories and so on!
For example, if you're playing as Mike and you've gotten to the December chapter, then you may decide to hold your tongue when the groups are being decided. Then, instead of being paired with Lucy, you'd be paired with Sue! And then other possibilities would open up, and so on and so on.
What I'm linking here though is more of a... tech demo of sorts. It features the prologue chapter, where you select your character through branching dialogue, and then get a taste of the stats screen and the system that will be used. It's very, very small, but no shortcuts have been taken with the coding, so it wouldn't take long to transfer script to product.
If you've read this far, then thank you! But that's enough rambling from me - here's the link!

JayGamer 7 years ago.

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I’m glad you posted this here! It was amazing. We played it on the stream on the second day and I’m not sure if you saw us.

I like the character select gimmick and the graphics are excellent. The UI decoration I appreciate a lot.

I worry that it’d be a lot more work to draw more than just Lucy with a few animations attached, though. It seems ambitious. I don’t know what to say except I would love to see more of it.

SuitCase 7 years ago.

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Ohhhhhh noooooo you did? I wish I saw it ;^;
And thank you so much! As odd as it may sound, drawing the characters is my favourite part of this project. I get to draw all the expressions and stuff, and this project really lets me bring the characters to life! The animation of the characters is the hard part, but all the body parts are separated so flash allows for some simple frame-by-frame or tweening animation. Whatever works!

JayGamer 7 years ago.

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Hey man this is pretty cool, love the way how simplistic the pixel art for the characters yet the character feels alive, and I can already image the full-fledged game!

Btw Mike's shit courage stat tho

xXx420BlazeItxXx 7 years ago.

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I very much look forward to the final product.

Pokelova 7 years ago.

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Very yes.

shamro 7 years ago.

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If I said I wasn't looking forward to this, I'd be lying. Hope it works out

Phaeton 7 years ago.

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Yeah when I saw this I was like WOAH THIS IS AWESOME

SpaceMouse 7 years ago.

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I saw the pixel art, and loved it dude. Keep up the amazing work!

Feyaden 7 years ago.

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Oh man, this is great! You've gotta make more! I actually laughed out loud with delight when Lucy rolled her eyes at me for... well, for being Mike. That was a fantastic effect. XD

MigBird 7 years ago.

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This is pretty well done!
I love Lucys eyescroll animation haha
Also a nice way to set up the PC in this :3

Lisa 7 years ago.

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OH MY GOSH this is amazing just from the get go everything looks so good. great job

baron_von_jiggly 7 years ago.

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I haven't been on Candybooru for like a week, and then this happens. Can you read my mind?

Daffyhat 7 years ago.

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That was great! The pixel art style is very fitting as well. I hope this can be made into a full fledged game. I really appreciate the time that must heave went into making it, especially the coding.

The_Mylestone 7 years ago.

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Holy crap, it looks amazing so far. And I love the soundtrack.

DestinyofAwe 7 years ago.

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I love it. Thank you for working on it.

Random 7 years ago.

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Awesome job! I'd love to see more of this.

keronshb 6 years ago.

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Will this ever be completed? I played the demo and I was really excited but then I notice I haven't seen any other posts relating to it recently

Zippo 6 years ago.

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progress is slow haha D:

JayGamer 6 years ago.

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One problem with this... I can't find any problems. :D You NEEEEED to work on this some more, bruh. I understand doing art and programming at the same time is quite hard work. (Not that I have any experience with it.) But I have to let you know. This is amazing idea, dude. Cheers and Cheerios, dude. And I hope this creation process goes all well and swell for you. :)

Lotsaspaghetti 6 years ago.

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any progress on this amazing idea lately?

Zippo 6 years ago.

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It would be nice if you could occasionally post an update journal or something on either here or newgrounds. There's no easily accessed news on what's going on, whether you've stopped making it, etc.

Theraiser2000 5 years ago.

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SheJ_Grum 5 years ago.